Erk Pod Maxi 99 – Show Notes. Bogans, Muppets & Dead Blokes

Erk Pod Maxi 99 – 70 minutes [Right click to download]

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 99. In this episode:

  • Intro
  • Erk Pod Maxi episode 100 and Erk Pod Round Table 4 coming soon. Dates to be confirmed
  • BJ got Rick Rolled!
  • Bogan Place residents are not happy! They want the name of the street to be changed.
  • Erk Pod Monopoly
  • Erk & Drue’s pron names
  • $2000 for a Wiggles ticket
  • T shirts including Erk Pod, Kings Cross Police Targeting Fat Chicks & more
  • A massive cat! (see below)
  • Man who slept with a knife in his back
  • Vandals change the name of a village to the C word
  • Kid who blows balloons up with his nose
  • Merrick & Rosso encourage people to run out of petrol for a radio prize
  • Erk talks Gladiators
  • Man gets charged with staring at a woman on a train
  • World Catholic Youth Month turns into “Weekend At Bernies”

Sources: News Limited, Won’t Someone Think Of The Children, Reuters, Orange Tim

Above – Now that is a fat cat!

Above – Drue & Erk in their new Erk Pod shirts

Above – Drue in his new Erk Pod shirt

Above – Erk in his new Erk Pod shirt

Above – Weekend At Bernies trailer



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3 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 99 – Show Notes. Bogans, Muppets & Dead Blokes

  1. BJ

    Another great episode!

    When you were talking about street names I did a bit of a search… I had to go global, and I found Erk Road, near the town of Hoover in South Dakota.,+South+Dakota&sll=-33.426938,151.341843&sspn=0.067479,0.11673&ie=UTF8&ll=45.068914,-103.275518&spn=0.028551,0.058365&z=14

    On Erk Road there is a place called Erk Ranch, which is on Erk Road of course….

    I think we need to arrange to make a round table episode at the Erk Ranch at some stage, or at least get the good people from Erk Ranch on Skype and have a chat to them about all things Erkdom.

    BJ – (Pornstar Name: Fifi Macquarie)

    PS – I’m on the Bogan Place case…

  2. I found a street here where we live that’s (not actually) named after my wife:

    And has Hanna Montana invaded Australia yet? Her concert tickets go for insane amounts of money on the after market here in the U.S. But you know how it is. Peoples’ kids got to see their shows.

  3. Erk

    G’day Shawno

    I have heard on Hanna Montana but it is a bit out of my demographic. It is amazing what some people will pay for some things! Rest assured you do not need to spend $2000 on Erk Pod Merchandise!

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