Erk Pod Maxi 99 Follow Up – Bogans.

Maybe Erk should let BJ the Research Guy write his own entries ;)

BJ’s on the case again, this time in relation to the bogan discussion that Drue and I had on Erk Pod Maxi 99. We spoke of Bogan Place on the North Shore and how locals wanted to change the name of the street. There are more Bogan streets in Sydney and that isn’t a comment on the locals. There is also the Bogan Shire and Bogan Gate in country NSW. According to Ausway, there are:

  • Bogan Avenue, Baulkham Hills
  • Bogan Street, Greystanes
  • Bogan Place, Ruse
  • Bogan Place, Seven Hills
  • Bogan Street, Summer Hill
  • Bogan Avenue, Sylvania Waters
  • Bogan Place, Wahroonga (the subject of the original story, BJ has offered to check this one out for us)

But the mother of all things Bogan must be the website!

EDIT: Orange Tim reports that there is bushland in the area of Bogan Place Wahroonga but there are no rainforests. The local residents want to change the name of the street from Bogan Place to Rainforest Place.


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