Erk Pod Maxi 99 Follow Up – Erk Place

Erk Pod buddy BJ is on the ball and on the case even while listening to Erk Pod Maxi 99, hopefully while drinking from his newly arrived Erk Pod coffee cup. (Just as a sidenote, Erk doesn’t accept that the coffee cup was the reason to FAIL BJ’s dishwasher, though!)

Anyhoo, BJ heard Drue and I talk about street names and Erk Pod Monopoly and he went searching. It’s like having our own research assistant! (BJ the Research Guy? LOL). He had to go further afield than Australia to find something relevant and found Erk Road in South Dakota via Google Maps. Better yet, there is an Erk Ranch (oh how American!) at the end of Erk Road and the good people at Erk Ranch have a blog. BJ has even suggested a possible road trip for Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast) to visit Erk Road and Erk Ranch saying that it is about 800 miles from Richard. Now that sounds like a LONG road trip! Now there is a video challenge in that! It would even be longer for Erk but imagine dropping into this place when Stateside!


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