More Questions About The Cost of World Catholic Youth Month

Photo: The Pope at Yankee Stadium, New York (Reuters)

It seems that the Erk Pod crew aren’t the only ones questioning the cost to NSW taxpayers of World Catholic Youth Month. Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast) sent me an article from The Times Online. In the article, the stated tax payer contribution is $128 million. However for the first time that I have seen it, a spokesman for the Catholic Church states that the church is contributing to the cost as well (as they should!), throwing in $150 million. So if we put the two figures together, that is $278 million for a one week event! That is a massive bill (which may be a conservative figure in itself!) not to mention the disruption that Sydneysiders face, being told to prepare for a week of New Year Eves. Full article here.

And besides that, you’d think that the Pope could be a bit more colour co-ordinated! Red shoes do not go with white everything else unless the Pope is also going 10 Pin Bowling afterwards and couldn’t be bothered to change his shoes!


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