Erk Pod Maxi 100 and Round Table 4 – under 24 hours to go!

It is well under 24 hours to go before the recording of Erk Pod Maxi episode 100 (12pm Sydney time, Friday) and Erk Pod Round Table 4 (2pm Sydney time, Friday). The relevant pages of the website are ready complete with space for the video feed. During the episodes, the relevant page will become the front page of the website instead of whatever the last post is. (I only learnt how to do that this week on WordPress). So all you’ll have to do if you are not taking part but still want to listen is to come to the website and watch the front page!

I have a lineup of panelists coming based on feedback I have had to date so far and the studio spots are full which is good. Of course I won’t have 100% of yes/no/maybe until it is time for people to come on air but based on who has said yes so far, it should be great.


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