Erk Pod Maxi episode 100 & Round Table 4 – in the can!

Today, Erk and Drue recorded episode 100 of Erk Pod Maxi and Erk Pod Round Table 4.

Erk Pod Maxi 100 is a massive celebration of 100 episodes of Erk Pod. It is more of an ERK POD LIVE format. Thank you all of the callers who called in and also to everyone who has sent messages congratulating us. I intended that the episode be live streamed via uStream but we did have some issues with that, possibly related to uStream itself. This caused several messages from concerned audience members.

After this, we recorded Erk Pod Round Table 4. Erk thought that at various stages that it was a train wreck but fortunately (?) we managed to get uStream working. We did have some Skype issues as well but that is part of the fun (?), isn’t it!

Full show notes and audio/video to follow in due course.


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