Interesting Stats from Erk & Drue’s Super Friday of Podcasting

Yesterday (Saturday Friday) was a super day of podcasting for Erk & Drue.

Just after 12 noon Sydney time on Saturday Friday, the pair recorded episode 100 of Erk Pod Maxi. This went for about 1 hour. The time between episode 100 and Erk Pod Round Table 4 (due to start at 2pm) was spent talking to Round Table panelists and episode 100 callers. Also, Erk & Drue were working on a uStream related issue that basically prevented episode 100 from streaming live (it was recording at the studio end). According to several people who messaged Erk & Drue will on air, it appeared as though they were not on air. It was recorded in the normal way as well as via uStream as it turned out.

During the break, it appeared as though uStream came good and just after 2pm, Erk & Drue were joined in the studio by studio panelists Squeak & Mr Westinghouse.

The WordPress stats were interesting despite an issue that BJ identified earlier in the week. These stats (which work on GMT, not AEST) were:

  • Total Page views: 157 (blog record)
  • Visitors via 86
  • Visitors via 11
  • Page views – Round Table 4: 72
  • Page views – episode 100: 22

Thanks to everyone who viewed either episode or indeed both episodes live. Of course, we have to thank our panelists and guests as well. We look forward to your feedback based on either episode regardless of if you hear the audio only or watch the video.


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