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Beach Pod – Erk Pod goes on the road!

We have been talking about it for a while but finally, we have been able to lock in a time to head up to the Central Coast and see BJ the Research Guy. A few episodes ago, we mentioned doing a podcast on a local beach and this Thursday (personal circumstances permitting), Drue and Erk will be getting into the car and pointing it north.

Drue and I are also looking at doing our Bogan road trip while Erk is on holidays from work. Hopefully we will be able to do this before Erk goes on a road trip to Queensland in a couple of weeks. During the trip, I’ll be doing some recording. Meanwhile, Drue will be having a couple of weeks off relaxing while Erk is away.


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Erk Pod features on “Inside My Head”

If you have listened to recent episodes of Erk Pod (especially Round Table 5), you’ll be aware of the Hyper Nonsense podcast with Shawno & Jen. On the Round Table, Shawno mentioned that Jen has a podcast of her own for people who want to hear more of her. Jen’s podcast is called “Inside My Head” and it is about what goes through Jen’s head, as the title suggests. It’s not as hyper as Hyper Nonsense but still worth a listen!

In the most recent episode here, Jen gives Erk Pod a shoutout and also plays a promo for us. Thanks, Jen! :)


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Ben’s Reply, Erk V Richard McChallenge

Here it is folks, Ben’s reply to the challenge that he originally set Erk & Richard. Now it is time for Ben to get eating! For some reason the video may freeze at 3 minutes or so but the audio is still there.


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Erk Pod Maxi 110 – Show Notes. Proudly brought to you by the Erk Pod Bunny, Ben the Podcast Trader & Skype

Erk Pod Maxi episode 110 – 63 minutes. [Right click to download]

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 110. In this episode:

  • Erk is running hot on the audio. Sounded great in the cans………
  • Ben now has a nickname, Ben the Podcast Trader.
  • Ben and Amy (making her Erk Pod debut) join Erk and Drue in the Erk Pod Studio
  • Erk Pod is getting a Bunny!
  • Round Table 5 Review
  • Ben’s on his B plates oops P plates
  • Amy’s Kamp Krusty review
  • Fifi’s Quiz – has Ms Box been listening to Erk Pod?
  • Secret Sound Result.
  • Road Trips coming up
  • Massive iPod bloke
  • Shout out to Lizzy & Cass from Plaza Flowers, Westiefield Penrith. The flowers were lovely.
  • Erk Pod is a Skype Affiliate.
  • Ben completed his side of the McDonalds McChallenge (video on the website)
  • New segment – Educate Erk.
  • Japanese Drug Screw Up
  • Schapelle, appeal immediately!
  • Erk’s Border Security suggestion
  • Erk’s Airport Security stories
  • Erk on Border Security
  • COPS Live!
  • American Gladiators is back!
  • Educate Erk – artificial legs
  • Meeting up with people from High School. Shout out to the class of 1992 at Penrith High!
  • When did you get your first mobile phone?
  • Email from OG, host of the Brains Matter podcast
  • Twitter down
  • I found a new alternative to Twitter, TwitterFox. It is an extension for Firefox.
  • Washing Ben & Amy’s mouths out
  • Getting the tunes to Kamp Krusty and Mt Splashmore confused
  • McWords at McDonalds
  • Drue did some research into Ar-kans-us
  • Trying to get the outro right.

Above – Ben’s been on his L plates but after the Round Table and ETTDR episodes……

…… he has graduated to a P plate!

Above – Ben (left) and Amy pose in front of the Erk Pod sign

Above – Amy made her Erk Pod debut on episode 110 but she has appeared on ETTDR before.

Above – Ben has a problem! He loves the messageboard!

Above – Amy and Ben deep in ……. um …….. thought?


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Before the Forking Erk Pod Video (Erk Pod Round Table 5)

Erk shows you around the Erk Pod studio prior to Erk Pod Round Table 5.

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Announcement – Next Erk Pod Maxi episode and a new team member!

Drue and I will be recording Erk Pod Maxi episode 110 and Erk to the Diary Room episode 8 on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll summarize the Round Table and get to some things that we didn’t get to on Saturday. We also announce a new segment!

Also, I have ordered a Bunny like appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 5 with Shawno & Jen (hosts of the Hyper Nonsense podcast) so I can’t wait to see how that goes once it arrives!


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Massive iPod

In Erk Pod Maxi episode 104, Drue read a story about a prisoner inmate in Ar-kans-us (that’s a story in itself!) who was suing because he was losing weight in jail. In the article, the guy says that he is stuck in a pod all day and not exercising. But play the snippet to hear what happens next in true Erk Pod style.

Now I am chatting with BJ the Research Guy and he found some interesting photos, two of which are here for your viewing pleasure. The first one is an Irish iPod from an old blog post (read more here) from a blog called “Mad Irishman’s Musings”. I will have to do some reading of this blog later.

So Drue, there can be a man in a massive iPod! There are a lot more on this post here on Engadet. I wonder how many songs or podcast episodes can fit on these iPods!

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