Drue’s Birthday Lunch

Here’s some pics from Drue the co-host’s birthday lunch! Unfortunately I had to work so I wasn’t there the whole time but Drue had a good day which is the important thing!

Above – There goes cocktail number 2!

Above – Drue & Erk pose in front of an Illinois licence plate (we Aussies also call them registration plates)

Above – We don’t have our registration sticker or tag on our number plates (also another name we Aussies call these plates) but on the front windscreen.

Above – Look out! Who is that?



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3 responses to “Drue’s Birthday Lunch

  1. Thats cool. 2000 plate from Ilinois. What they do is charge 78$ for the plate and sticker and they 78.$ every year to re-new the sticker. Also up here, the plates do not go with the vehicle like in some other country’s.

  2. Erk


    What we have here is a yearly registration & road tax fee that varies according to the weight, size and use of the vehicle. This is coupled with compulsory insurance that covers things like personal injury to other people but not either car. We have a registration sticker that is colour coded and we get a new one each year.

    If you get a standard plate and don’t change any of the letters or numbers, the plate is free and it usually stays with the car. But my personal plate has been with me on 4 different cars.

    They used to have the personalised plate system where if you got something that is non standard, you get charged per year. But now if you change ANY of the details of the plate to make it that little bit more personalised, they get you per year too. I was lucky that I was able to make my plate in the standard format and it was free then, even when I picked the numbers and letters. Were I do to that now, they would charge me per year. Drue’s done the same thing as has Squeak (but he has his initials and not Squeak on the car).

  3. BJ

    Drue – the new Corey. :-)

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