Twitter & Kate Ritchie do it again…….

Twitter is fast becoming a trusted source of news for me as other people post news information of interest. When you consider that I’d check Twitter several times a day compared to a news website, it is more likely that the first place I’ll hear about some things is via Twitter. Follow me @erkpod

In case you haven’t been playing along at home, Twitter is a social networking program that allows you to follow people (and be followed) and you update the world with what you are doing in messages no longer than 140 characters per message. Depending on how you use it, you can use the one message to update your status on your website, Facebook, Myspace or other sites where you have a “status” statement.

I found out the news of Heath Ledger’s death first on Twitter and now I have more news first on Twitter today. Thanks to BJ (@tangararama), he tells me that Kate Ritchie won her second Gold Logie. The Gold Logie is the ultimate award in the Australian TV industry and she has now won 2 Gold Logies in a row thanks to her role in teen soap Home & Away. More recently, she has a spot on the Merrick and Rosso breakfast radio show on Nova. I’ve spoken here about their podcasts on several occasions and BJ wondered on Twitter if her win last night will see a new round of Kate Ritchie promos on the show. I’ve got my iPod ready but she can throw 2 Logies at me from last night.


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