New Erk Pod Studio?

Over the last few days (weeks?) I have been thinking of a permanent Erk Pod Studio. I don’t have any room here at Erk Pod HQ and while I love the setup we have at the Erk Pod Studio (Drue’s kitchen table), I’d love to be able to set it up permanently. Obviously, that isn’t possible at the moment.

I was given permission to set up an Erk Pod Studio in the backyard of Erk Pod HQ but I’m not sure about the coin needed to do it. There are another couple of options I am thinking about, though.


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One response to “New Erk Pod Studio?

  1. Permanence is good in an audio setup. When we first started, we always had to drag the mics out and run the cables, etc. It sucked. We’ve got things pretty well tied down now, and it’s much better. Good luck in finding a location!

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