Erk Pod Featured on Hyper Nonsense

Erk Pod on Hyper Nonsense – 5 minutes plus Hyper Nonsense promo

Erk Pod and an Erk Pod promo was featured on the Hyper Nonsense podcast (episode 112) hosted by Shawno & Jen. Thanks Shawno and Jen for talking us up and playing the promo. I’m curious to what Shawno started talking about when he says that he was listening to Erk Pod Maxi episode 104 – he never actually tells us (I think!) what he was going to say about that episode!



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2 responses to “Erk Pod Featured on Hyper Nonsense

  1. I do tend to sidetrack myself rather easily. But, I was listening to that episode while I was out for a walk last Wednesday night and I really enjoyed it. (I can also tell you that Jen’s sitting right behind me right now, listening to it herself.)

  2. Erk

    G’day Shawno & Jen

    Stay tuned this week for the new episode featuring your opinions on Erk Pod! :)

    And Bunny was spot on! :)

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