Erk Pod Maxi episode 105 – Show Notes. “Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?”

Erk Pod Maxi episode 105 – 78 minutes [Right click to Download]

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 105. In this episode:

  • Erk tries hard to get his name correct this week.
  • Erk has a new headphone amplifier, thanks for the feedback after last week’s first episode with the compressor.
  • Secret Sound result
  • The Erk Pod Mugs are good!
  • World Catholic Youth Month update
  • Surf Club bans “builder’s cleavage”
  • Richard’s new word to compete against Drue’s Wheelbarrow
  • 15 year old girl gets REALLY REALLY drunk
  • The Breathalyser 5000 makes a return to Erk Pod
  • Woman crashes into McDonalds Drive Thru
  • 13 year old boy goes on a $30,000 spending spree after defrauding his father’s credit card
  • Various cancer stories – what gives you cancer? What doesn’t give you cancer?
  • Pelican shreds the nose of an F111 fighter jet
  • Parents hear Middle East gunfight on voicemail
  • Dell screw up their keyboards. If you are at your computer, look at your keyboard! See image below.
  • Drue does a character voice!
  • Feedback from (and shout out to) Shawno & Jen from the Hyper Nonsense podcast
  • Erk wants a Robot Bunny
  • Ben’s McDonalds McChallenge for Erk & Richard
  • Erk tries again to get his name correct at the end of the episode

Above – Another edition to the set up was the headphone amplifier.

Sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media, The Telegraph (UK), The Register (UK), Money (UK), Press Democrat (US), Yahoo News, Orange Tim, Richard (Wasting Time Podcast)



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11 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi episode 105 – Show Notes. “Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?”

  1. Kram

    I love the “on/off air” sign. Very cool set up.

  2. Orange Tim

    Maccas burgers are pretty much the same the world over. The ones I’ve had here are basically the same to the ones I’ve had in the USA. Heck, they’re basically the same to the ones I had in Turkey!

  3. richard

    I photo and video a mcburger this week. Also , notice the difference between the one you buy compared to the picture of it a Mc Donalds! But, in Chicago, we have something no one else has,. The great Portillo’s hotdog and hamburger! Chicago style!

  4. Richard’s right – nothing’s as good as Chicago style!

    And thanks for playing our audio, guys. Great show.

  5. Female arse crack in a surf club, hipsters even, flaots my boat :P

  6. Erk, A small video is up on my blog concerning the American McDonalds hamburger. I wish that I did not eat the burgers, they were really bad! Tomorrow, Portillos!

  7. Erk

    Kram – What I will do before the next Round Table (which will be celebrating 1 year as a podcaster) is to put all the shots like this together to give people an idea about how things have grown.

    Nath – I had a feeling you were going to say that! :P

    Orange Tim, Richard & Shawno – As you can no doubt see, Richard has done his side of the challenge. Drue and I need to get together to do our side of it. Probably Sunday at the earliest.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, even Nath’s blank comment was appreciated!

  8. Ben

    wearing girls jeans has come into style thanks to those loveable minority known as the emo’s, ahhh bless the emo’s
    (please note i myself own a pair of girls stretch denim jeans)

  9. Just finished listening to this show. Laughed the whole way through it. :) Just what I needed after a tedious day at work.

    Thanks for playing our promo, and a bit of the Hyper Nonsense show. I did find it a bit strange to be listening to your show and hearing myself, but, it was also very cool. Also, thanks for reading my comment. That always makes me happy.

    McDonald’s burgers are icky. So is the rest of their food. I ate way, way, way too much of that crap growing up. Bleah!

  10. Erk


    No worries, I’m glad we could give you a laugh. I’m looking forward to the Round Table on the weekend. That should be a lot of fun as well! :)

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