BJ Goes to Hawaii and Erk Gets A Plug on Geek News Central

Long time Erk Pod listeners would have read and heard Erk talk about the Geek News Central podcast hosted by Todd Cochrane. A few days ago, BJ made a video on his computer doing his impersonation of Todd and emailed it to me. I suggested emailing it to Todd because he’d get a laugh out of it as he got a massive laugh out of a GNC parody that another listener did for him a few episodes back. BJ wouldn’t be in on that so I said I’d email Todd and Todd mentioned it and Erk Pod on his latest episode (GNC 374) during the listener email segment at the end of the show.

If you are a GNC listener and are visiting Erk Pod for the first time, welcome. Or as we say down under here in Australia, g’day! Thanks to Todd for the shout out (I wasn’t expecting it so early after sending the email!) and the promo and thanks for BJ for getting me that shout out!

Here’s BJ’s video which he did on his Mac.


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