The Erk V Richard McChallenge

On episode 105 of Erk Pod Maxi, Ben issued a challenge for Erk and Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast) to compare a hamburger from McDonalds. He wanted to see if the burgers in the US (Richard) and Australia (Erk) look the same. Richard has done his part of the McChallenge and you can see his video on his site here.

Erk and Drue need to get together and complete their side of the McBargain!



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2 responses to “The Erk V Richard McChallenge

  1. I put the Portillo’s lunch video up. What are your favorites down under. Do you have any favorite places that their so good that it is where you go for a special food item?

  2. Erk


    I hope the others will answer as well but I like to eat KFC and Red Rooster (also known as Golden Treat in some part of the country). Often we go to eat at a pub or a chain such as Lonestar, Hogs Breath Cafe or Outback Steakhouse but that is for sit down meals.

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