Erk Pod Maxi 106 – Show Notes. Large Cows, Kangaroos and a McChallenge

Erk Pod Maxi episode 106 – 62 minutes [Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 106 of Erk Pod Maxi. In this episode:

  • Drue’s not feeling OK.
  • Erk v Richard’s McChallenge, Erk’s videos are up.
  • Upcoming Road Trips.
  • Erk Pod on Geek News Central thanks to BJ.
  • Our self identity issues (Erk Pod Maxi episode 104, Erk to the Diary Room 6/2008)
  • Secret Sound result.
  • Play while you pee.
  • Advertising while you are on the loo.
  • Irish village gets it’s name back.
  • Erk Pod Round Table 5 is coming.
  • Erk is on holidays.
  • Huge cow goes for World Record.
  • Drue got Twitter – @druey
  • Hating Brands.
  • Fast Food preparation & eating.
  • Hairdressing and waiting for a haircut.
  • Free Parking
  • Man straps beer into seat belt, kids sits on floor
  • Comment on two of Richard’s stories from episode 58 of the Wasting Time podcast including a Japanese man who pours kerosene on himself and lights a smoke. He died after turning into a Japanese fireball
  • Kangaroo cull in Canberra

Stories found by BJ, Orange Tim & Erk.

Sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media, BBC, Daily Mail



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7 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 106 – Show Notes. Large Cows, Kangaroos and a McChallenge

  1. I’ve never heard of Pizza Haven. But I’m pretty sure we’ve got all of those other places here in the U.S. Funny that we’ve got an actual faux-Aussie themed chain of restaurants here called Outback Steakhouse. I mentioned it once to an old Australian Internet friend. She hadn’t heard of it, nor had she heard of any of the items on the place’s menu. Guess it’s not really that authentic after all.

    Anyway, great show, guys. Hope Drue feels better soon.

  2. Erk

    Shawno, we have an Outback Steakhouse, too. Leigh the Voice Over Guy goes there weekly. Looks like a trip there is in order! Mind you, I’d rather go to Hooters (but not for the food!) and we have one of those, too! :)

  3. Listening to 106 as I type. We have or had Sizzler out in the states. I would like to see some Australian foods not found any where else. Erk, you used to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC. I worked at one for 3 years while in high school. To prove it, we used fryers called an 10-3 5-3 and a henny penny. Also breaking the thighs and pulling off the tail and extra fat. I pray I will never have to work fast food again.

  4. For the Japan fireball story. If in the states, the officers might be sued by the family , but most likely there would not be any criminal charges. Just bad judgement. Back in the days when I was an officer, we would let subjects in the lockup smoke even though it was not allowed in the station. This was done to calm a sublect down or to be nice to get a statement from them. This also depended of if the Commmander or Chief was in the station at the time. We never let anybody smoke if they smelled of petrol or other chemicle.

  5. Erk

    Richard, I know what I will do tomorrow. Erk’s guide to Vegemite! Now that’s Australian! Or I could eat Kangaroo. Tastes like chicken. :)

    I worked at KFC while doing what you’d call Senior High as my first job. I forget what our cookers were called but I remember cleaning them every night! One of my stores (I worked at 3 separate stores) trialled a 2 lane drive-thru but it didn’t really work and it didn’t last very long. People would say “now you know how it is cooked, do you still eat it?” and I’m like “I love the taste.”

    As for the Japanese Police, I am getting visions of a Jackie Chan for an unknown reason!

  6. I’m actually all caught up with listening to Erkpod, at this moment.

    So… in regards to the video game that is somehow part of a urinal….

    Nope, don’t think women would want to play, even with the aid of the “cone”. Playing with pee is definitely a guy thing. Y’all brag about being able to “write your name in the snow”, and stuff like that, and find it amusing. In my experience working at day care centers, I have found that the quickest way to convince a male toddler to pee into a toilet (instead of a diaper) is to throw a few cherrios (cereal) into the bowl, and let the kid aim and shoot. Something in the Y chromosome makes y’all think its fun to play those kind of games. Let me speak for all women here… nope, we don’t want to play the video game powered by pee, thanks. You boys can have that one to yourselves.

    Now, on the other hand, I find the story about the giant cow amusing. Look at that big cow! :)

  7. Ben

    1st rule of ANY and EVERY hair salon is APPOINTMENTS COME 1ST no matter how much money u lose, clients who have an appointment are 98% more likely to return than someone off the street.

    having said that most generic chain saloons don’t work that same as a small or big individual salon

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