Welcome, STUB mates!

Last night, I had an excellent night out of my comfort zone. I went out in the city for the first time in ages and met many wonderful people thanks to the interweb and Twitter. It was an excellent networking opportunity and while I didn’t get to talk to everyone (the hotel was chockers!), the people that I did talk to were interesting and a lot of fun. I had a massive night and I didn’t get home until 5am!

So if I met you last night and you are reading this, welcome to Erk Pod. It’s a weekly podcast talking about serious issues, fun stories, wacky and weird stuff and sometimes we take a lighter look at some serious news as well. Who knows what might happen!

If you scroll down the page a bit, you can find the latest episode (106). And on Saturday at 1pm on Sydney time, we are doing a Round Table that will be streamed live on uStream on the front page of this website. If you want to be involved, email me erkpod@gmail.com – also join the Erk Pod Facebook Group.

And I got to look at and touch my first iPhone! I tried to show off my site but unfortunately FAIL! I think I’ll stick with my Nokia N95, especially with my big fingers!



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One response to “Welcome, STUB mates!

  1. Hi Erk! It was great to meet you at STUB. I’m looking forward to downloading the podcast and checking it out :)

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