Erk appears on Hyper Nonsense Live!

Hyper Nonsense Live – Episode 113, 111 minutes

[Right click to download]

As part of their preparation for Erk Pod Round Table 5, Shawno & Jen from the Hyper Nonsense podcast did a live podcast this afternoon (my time). How I found out about it was very Web 2.0 but I talk more about it tomorrow on the Round Table. Towards the end of their podcast, I called them on Skype and we had a good conversion that you’ll be able to hear if you play the episode with the player above.

Hyper Nonsense is a very similar show to Erk Pod. In fact, I think we’ll be able to call HN the Californian sister podcast to Erk Pod! Tune into Erk Pod Round Table 5 from 1pm Sydney time (GMT +10) for all the fun. I’ll be joined by Drue, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Nathan, Shawno, Jen, Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast – Erk Pod’s Chicago sister podcast?) and more! Come to the website and you’ll be able to see and hear us.


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