Erk Pod Round Table 5, May 2008 (episodes 107-109). Show Notes




Erk Pod Round Table 5 was recorded on Saturday 24 May at the Erk Pod Studio commencing at 1pm Sydney time (GMT +10). Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)

In the Erk Pod studio with Erk & Drue were:

Joining in via Skype were:


Erk Pod Round Table 5 – Part 1. 71 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Orange Tim (Studio), BJ the Research Guy, Richard, Shawno, Jen

  • Introductions to Erk Pod Round Table 5 and panelists
  • People hitting Erk up for benefits
  • Various weather reports
  • Erk has a new microphone – so much for Erk not buying any new stuff!
  • Song: Star Trekking – The Firm. Special song for Orange Tim!
  • Erk is celebrating 1 year of podcasting!
  • Erk was on Hyper Nonsense Live yesterday as Shawno & Jen had a dry run.
  • The Secret Sound competition continues, Round Table style
  • Erk Pod merchandise
  • Shawno has an idea for a new movie
  • Leigh’s telling of the Dark Sucker Theory
  • WE WANT THE BUNNY! Find out more about Bunny here
  • Shout outs
  • Train Wreck Check
  • Planes fly slower to conserve fuel due to price rises
  • Petrol price check and theories
  • Australia V America Pronunciation Bee/Accent Bee!
  • Eating With Erk
  • Song: 90 Miles an Hour by Andrew Handrick

Above – Signal Box similar to one where Drue has worked.


Erk Pod Round Table 5 – Part 2. 99 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Orange Tim, Ben (Studio), BJ the Research Guy, Richard, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • Have Shawno and Jen spoken to Bunny during the break?
  • Elmo wants to play too
  • Solar powered bra to charge up your mobile phone or iPod in Japan
  • Richard’s on a 911 call
  • Jen’s bookstore, book writing & teaching experiences
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy dressed as Leigh the Supermarket Clown
  • Farewell to Leigh the Voice Guy and Richard
  • Leigh and Erk’s Karaoke story
  • Known long Skype call re-connection issue. I was going to cut this bit out but there was some funny bits so I left most of it in. The joys of live podcasting!
  • Drugged Wookie
  • Bunny chooses a GOLD moment to talk!
  • Welcome Ben from the Peanut Gallery
  • Don’t run off the road, Richard!
  • Is Twitter down?
  • Drue takes his hat off and Mrs Orange Tim likes Drue’s natural colour better.
  • Drue’s laptop problem didn’t help us monitor the uStream chat
  • What Ben wants: Drue’s old laptop, a boat, Oprah’s money, a platypus (to be continued in part 3)
  • What Drue wants: Bunny
  • What Erk wants: Bunny
  • TV Man watches pron but broadcasts it on TV in Tahiti
  • Sequel to “The Levers of Katoomba” – “It’s the Quick & The Dead Around Here, Tim”
  • Woman gets wolf whistled in New Zealand then strips
  • Erk gets wolf whistled and buffed up?
  • Stereotype – Kiwis “worship” sheep
  • Thieves break into house wearing undies
  • a tEEnAgE gIrL and cOrEy enters the studio
  • Drue’s not feeling well
  • “Stop waiting for Bunny and get on with the show” – Drue
  • Female teacher strips for woman’s magazine, gets suspended
  • Upskirting action in the playground at Ben’s school
  • Bunny is doing Tai Chi
  • Jen’s fluent in Spanish, Erk struggles to be fluent in English and Drue is fluent in Wheelbarrow
  • Ben uses Wheelbarrow in real life
  • New Erk Pod merchandise ideas
  • World Catholic Youth Month latest
  • Erk’s doing a better job of spreading the world than the Catholic Church :P
  • Bunny tries to talk Australian
  • Re-using Olympic plans
  • Flu season hits the Erk Pod studio. Yes Tim, we did get a recording of it! :)
  • Bunny chant
  • Tim proposes to move World Catholic Youth Month to San Luis Obispo, California (home of the Hyper Nonsense podcast)
  • “Oprah Pod: All Oprah, all the time”
  • Platypus At the Peak of Weird Science
  • Erk’s nomination for the World’s Highest Selling Fiction Book
  • Drue the Newsreader quits and Erk takes over mid story
  • Bad visual on uStream
  • Where is OG (host of the Brains Matter podcast) when you need him?
  • Dog beer
  • Good afternoon, BJ!
  • Bundy Bear is BJ’s special friend
  • Surgeons probed after filming man being operated on and putting the footage on You Tube
  • Various items being placed in un-natural locations
  • People magazine is a lot different in the US and Australia
  • Song: “My Glasses Are Too Thick” – Rocket Propelled Geeks

Above – Solar powered bra

Above – A platypus

Above – 2 classic snippets from Bundy Bear Commericals


Erk Pod Round Table 5 – Part 3. 45 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim & Ben (Studio), BJ the Research Guy, Shawno, Jen

  • Welcome back!
  • Shawno & Jen watching us dancing around like idiots on uStream with our Erk Pod shirts on
  • Bunny has been having problem with Onion lately
  • How Shawno & Jen got into podcasting and raised money to get Bunny
  • Having a voice good enough for radio (having a voice for radio is better than having a head for radio!)
  • Jen’s Dodgem Car/Bumper Car commentary (sound effects: Orange Tim)
  • Guess who was on the booze in the Erk Pod Studio. You’ll be surprised!
  • Lost Parrot tells Vet where he lives
  • What Ben wants (continued from part 2): a swearing parrot, a zoo, somewhere to store these animals, jewelery, electrical goods, a black Mac, dangerous animals, a duck (he got a plastic one)
  • They have Japan on the interweb now?
  • How Bunny pronounces some words
  • Fund raising for Drue’s new laptop
  • Sponsorship for Erk Pod?
  • Special guest: Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter
  • Man assaulted cab driver, claimed he was hunting aliens
  • Taking photos of people while podcasting
  • Ben injured himself while dancing during the last song (you peanut!)
  • This is Shawno & Jen’s longest stretch at the mic. Erk thinks that Shawno won’t have to put out another episode for a month!
  • Googlemail
  • Answer Me This podcast promo and Erk asking them questions
  • What does “root” mean to you?
  • The alcohol’s run out!
  • The Breathalyser 5000 is back!
  • How Tim’s headset got broken the last time he was calling in from home
  • Duck pron?
  • Mental Health Pressure valve release at work
  • An excellent place for an Erk Pod studio!
  • BJ’s Bundy update
  • “I have to be at work in X hours” – the phrase that pays at the end of a Round Table
  • Shawno is worried about our Google Alerts.
  • Goodnight, interweb!

Sources: News Limited, Yahoo News

Music: Podsafe Music Network

Above – Erk and his first Digital Voice Recorder, what he used to start podcasting one year ago.

Above – From little DVR to the current setup in 12 months.

Above – The new Erk Pod microphone, a Behringer C1 Studio Microphone.

Above – Drue has a little drinkie-poo in front of the new Erk Pod sign

Above – Orange Tim (left) and Ben (right)

Above – Ben

Above – Orange Tim



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11 responses to “Erk Pod Round Table 5, May 2008 (episodes 107-109). Show Notes

  1. Where was I? Two inter-related possibilities: a) OG was sick, b) it was OG’s birthday.

    Fortunately b) was true, and unfortunately, a) was true too…

    Glad the show went well!


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  3. Erk

    Cheers, OG and Shawno.

    Best. Round Table. Ever.

  4. This was so much fun! Thanks for inviting me and Shawno, (and bunny) We should do this again sometime. :)

  5. Erk

    Jen, you are more than welcome. When I get my Bunny, we’ll have to have a “Bunny Off” LOL.

  6. Orange Tim

    I wanna Playboy Bunny!!! LOL!

    As always it was great fun. Looking forward to the next Round Table.

    Good to “met” all the people who, up until Round Table 5, I had only listened too!

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  8. Alexis

    Enjoyed it very much. You guys are hilarious! Orange Tim ROCKS!! *waves at Tim*

  9. Erk

    Tim, you are more than welcome any time. And if you bring your own fanclub (waves at Alexis), even better!

    Alexis, welcome aboard the good ship Erk Pod. Feel free to comment and give your input whenever you want.

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  11. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Tala!!

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