Massive iPod

In Erk Pod Maxi episode 104, Drue read a story about a prisoner inmate in Ar-kans-us (that’s a story in itself!) who was suing because he was losing weight in jail. In the article, the guy says that he is stuck in a pod all day and not exercising. But play the snippet to hear what happens next in true Erk Pod style.

Now I am chatting with BJ the Research Guy and he found some interesting photos, two of which are here for your viewing pleasure. The first one is an Irish iPod from an old blog post (read more here) from a blog called “Mad Irishman’s Musings”. I will have to do some reading of this blog later.

So Drue, there can be a man in a massive iPod! There are a lot more on this post here on Engadet. I wonder how many songs or podcast episodes can fit on these iPods!


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