Ben’s Reply, Erk V Richard McChallenge

Here it is folks, Ben’s reply to the challenge that he originally set Erk & Richard. Now it is time for Ben to get eating! For some reason the video may freeze at 3 minutes or so but the audio is still there.



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4 responses to “Ben’s Reply, Erk V Richard McChallenge

  1. Oh man, Ben, I did not think Erk was going to make you eat that! Sorry! I have not eaten at McDonalds since my video. I really think McDonalds should be sued or at least questioned on why their food looks nothing like the Adverts. Also , it shows that they have a cookie cutter system for making the stuff.

  2. Nobody should lift up those Macca’s buns and expose the mysteries that lie underneath. Better to just eat them and not know!

    Glad to see Drue’s still sporting that dope hat, by the way.

  3. druey

    I have obtained another dope hat now too. :D

  4. Erk

    Richard: You’ll soon know not to suggest things and later say “I didn’t expect to you to do that!” :P I thought it was only fair that Ben ate some burgers as well. And he enjoyed it!

    Shawno: Drue’s been wearing the Elf hat everywhere. I’m sure he’ll wear it to the beach tomorrow. I know why I don’t eat burgers and those videos confirmed it!

    Drue: Erk Pod dope hats? :P I don’t like the way our logos fit on the hats, hence no hats.

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