Erk Pod Maxi 110 – Show Notes. Proudly brought to you by the Erk Pod Bunny, Ben the Podcast Trader & Skype

Erk Pod Maxi episode 110 – 63 minutes. [Right click to download]

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 110. In this episode:

  • Erk is running hot on the audio. Sounded great in the cans………
  • Ben now has a nickname, Ben the Podcast Trader.
  • Ben and Amy (making her Erk Pod debut) join Erk and Drue in the Erk Pod Studio
  • Erk Pod is getting a Bunny!
  • Round Table 5 Review
  • Ben’s on his B plates oops P plates
  • Amy’s Kamp Krusty review
  • Fifi’s Quiz – has Ms Box been listening to Erk Pod?
  • Secret Sound Result.
  • Road Trips coming up
  • Massive iPod bloke
  • Shout out to Lizzy & Cass from Plaza Flowers, Westiefield Penrith. The flowers were lovely.
  • Erk Pod is a Skype Affiliate.
  • Ben completed his side of the McDonalds McChallenge (video on the website)
  • New segment – Educate Erk.
  • Japanese Drug Screw Up
  • Schapelle, appeal immediately!
  • Erk’s Border Security suggestion
  • Erk’s Airport Security stories
  • Erk on Border Security
  • COPS Live!
  • American Gladiators is back!
  • Educate Erk – artificial legs
  • Meeting up with people from High School. Shout out to the class of 1992 at Penrith High!
  • When did you get your first mobile phone?
  • Email from OG, host of the Brains Matter podcast
  • Twitter down
  • I found a new alternative to Twitter, TwitterFox. It is an extension for Firefox.
  • Washing Ben & Amy’s mouths out
  • Getting the tunes to Kamp Krusty and Mt Splashmore confused
  • McWords at McDonalds
  • Drue did some research into Ar-kans-us
  • Trying to get the outro right.

Above – Ben’s been on his L plates but after the Round Table and ETTDR episodes……

…… he has graduated to a P plate!

Above – Ben (left) and Amy pose in front of the Erk Pod sign

Above – Amy made her Erk Pod debut on episode 110 but she has appeared on ETTDR before.

Above – Ben has a problem! He loves the messageboard!

Above – Amy and Ben deep in ……. um …….. thought?



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4 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 110 – Show Notes. Proudly brought to you by the Erk Pod Bunny, Ben the Podcast Trader & Skype

  1. Queensland is going to be great :)

  2. Orange Tim

    Good to hear a female voice on Erk Pod! Welcome to the maddness Amy!

    Amy & Ben were very funny! Like, you know, just soooo funny!

  3. I have now adopted the Erkpod “Bom-bommm” noise (however that is spelled), and have started using it at work. Few people there even know what a podcast is, and so, they don’t know the reference, and just give me funny looks when I do that sound. This only encourages me. :)

    Erkpod = fun even when you are done listening to the most current show. :)

  4. Erk

    Nath: Queensland should be great. Looking forward to it! We’ll have to do something up there! I’ll have my H4 at the ready!

    Orange Tim: The more different voices on EP along with mine, the better! It took a long time to get a lady’s voice on the show but now we’ve had Natalie, Jen & Amy within the last months. And I’m always open to more voices as well as people making return performances. Next time you come to the studio, you’ll have to invite Mrs Orange Tim! ;)

    Jen: We are spelling it Bah-bow ourselves. And we are bah-bowing ourselves too. Ben’s even using Wheelbarrow at work. Lots of fun and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I’m even using the phrase “Educate Erk” when I want to know something (or, tell me about ………”

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