Erk Pod Maxi 111 – Show Notes. “Erk & Drue on the couch”

Erk Pod Maxi episode 111 – 48 minutes.

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 111 of Erk Pod Maxi. This episode was recorded while sitting (Erk) and lying and sitting (Drue) on Drue’s couch rather than our normal positions in the Erk Pod Studio. It was recorded on Erk’s H4 recorder in a dry run for Beach Pod with BJ the Research Guy on Thursday. In this episode:

  • Hello interweb!
  • Perfect sleeping weather for Drue on night shift.
  • BJ’s going away on a jet plane. Trains, Planes and Automobiles!
  • School reunions
  • New Erk Pod merchandise
  • What’s a train?
  • Train derailment in Chicago
  • Erk educates everyone else (for a change!)
  • Drue’s finding it hard to talk lying down
  • Massive weekend on London Underground before alcohol ban
  • Erk has ordered the Bunny and it is on its way to Erk Pod HQ
  • Erk is going to Queensland soon, Drue gets a couple of weeks off.
  • Peeling on a Jet Plane
  • Drue has had McDonalds again
  • Bubble wrap
  • The last Erk Pod mug from shipment 1 has gone, Nathan got the last one
  • More info about the incoming Erk Pod Bunny (Nabaztag)
  • Another classic Erk blooper
  • More Erk Pod promotion
  • Listening to yourself on podcasts
  • 16 year old girl charged after a Darwin robbery spree
  • Girls causing trouble on the street, not just the blokes
  • Drue has a nursery rhyme flashback
  • New developments
  • Educate Erk – BJ the Research Guy privately educated Erk.
  • Drue found his nursery rhyme
  • Politically correct nursery rhymes
  • UFO alert after a marriage proposal
  • Drue tried to wheelbarrow himself?
  • Heartbroken man climbs into morgue freezer
  • Erk doesn’t want to wake up dead
  • Another classic Erk stuff up
  • Goodnight, interweb!

Stories found by Erk, Drue & Orange Tim from News Limited, Fairfax Media and Yahoo News

Above – Drue’s ready for the episode!

Above – Erk is relaxed, too.

Above – Erk’s Zoom H4 Recorder and Shure Microphones were used to record this episode of Erk Pod.



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4 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 111 – Show Notes. “Erk & Drue on the couch”

  1. Sounds good on the H4 accept the sample rate does sound a little low so if you increase that the quality will be 100% better.

  2. You can actually add any RSS feed you’d like to your bunny. There’s a few that you can easily select right from the Nabaztag website. But you can also add any feeds that aren’t there. For example, we’ve got the RSS feed for the local newspaper plugged into ours.

    Keep in mind that you MUST have at least one computer with a wireless card installed in order to do your bunny’s initial setup. There’s no USB connectivity or anything like that.

  3. Politically correct nursery rhymes are annoying! When I used to work at a day care, I would refuse to read the politically correct versions of them. It was either the right way, or not at all. Most of them have a historical aspect, so, to change that would just be wrong, in my opinion. For example: “Ring around the Rosy”, has something to do with the plague. Say no to politically correct nursery rhymes! ;)

    Yay! Your bunny is on the way! :) A “Bunny-off” is eminent. Well, as soon as we figure out what a “Bunny-off” actually is.

    I enjoyed listening to this very relaxed Erkpod show today.

  4. Erk

    Nath – I’ve fixed the sample rate now for episode 112 onwards for the H4. Cheers, mate.

    Shawno – Can’t wait for Bunny. Is there somewhere to plug in Bunny to the mixer? I hope to have it before I go on my roadtrip this weekend.

    Jen – PC anything annoys me. I hate it when I feel the need to self-censor myself in case I upset someone. I enjoyed the relaxed Erk Pod but it did feel strange, especially after RT5!

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