Erk Pod Maxi 112 – Beach Pod Edition. Show Notes

Erk Pod Maxi episode 112 (Beach Pod Edition) – 25 minutes

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Above – 2 Videos made by BJ the Research Guy on his Mac Mac.

Above – Video shot by Erk featuring Erk (derr!), Drue & BJ the Research Guy

Welcome to Erk Pod Maxi episode 112 recorded at Avoca Beach on the NSW Central Coast. It was very wet and very windy and very cold but Erk & Drue braved the elements and podcasted from under a picnic shelter beachside. We were joined by BJ the Research Guy who was our host for the day.

The episode was recorded on Erk’s Zoom H4 recorder and 3 Shure microphones in the same way that we recorded episode 111. Episode 111 was the dry run for this episode that Erk & BJ have wanted to do for some time. It’s a short episode this time around (Erk didn’t want Drue to turn blue!) but we are hoping to do a similar thing in summer in warmer (and better) weather. You will be able to hear the rain and wind as ambient noise.

The photos and videos will give you more idea about the setup and conditions. Unfortunately, this was the only day on Erk & BJ’s holidays where all 3 of us were available.

In this episode:

  • Happy birthday, BJ!
  • Weather conditions
  • Selecting a dry spot to podcast
  • BJ obviously had this idea in summer!
  • Waiting for the locals to mistake us for radio dudes
  • Erk getting washed away and rescued by a rescue helicopter if he had of agreed with one of BJ’s original location suggestion. Lucky Erk had an EP t-shirt on!
  • Surfer dudes
  • Planning ahead for summer
  • Remembering the Newcastle floods and the Pasha Bulka that got washed ashore in Newcastle about a year ago.
  • Erk being a windbreak for Drue & BJ
  • Kangaroo and wombat hunting for Richard
  • Kangaroo tastes like chicken – Erk
  • There is a place called Erk in Hungary to go as well as Erk Ranch in South Dakota.
  • Shawno spoke to someone this morning (our time) in Ar-kans-us.
  • Some birds came to see us and BJ got some photos. Thanks to Jessie for telling us that it is a Rosella. Orange Tim said it was a Rainbow Lorikeet.
  • Using the Central Coast as a place to live but working in Sydney for some people (BJ) but as a day trip destination (Erk & Drue).
  • Petrol price update.
  • Listening to Erk Pod promos that will be on the Erk Pod Mini feed.
  • Wouldn’t want to be the removalists that were behind us moving stuff backwards and forwards!
  • Erk Pod Round Table on a beach in summer?
  • Shortest Erk Pod episode ever?
  • Goodnight, interweb!
  • BONUS: BJ’s promo

Above – Erk & Drue at BJ Central prior to making some video before lunch.

Above – Drue looks out to sea at the weather. Cold, init!

Above – Drue sits under the shelter that we podcasted under.

Above – Erk looks out to sea.

Above – Happy Birthday, BJ the Research Guy!

Above – Erk talking and being a windbreak for Drue and BJ

Above – Erk and his Zoom H4 recorder.

Above – A bird came to visit us. Thanks to Educate Erk & Jessie, I now know that it is a Rosella! Or is it a Rainbow Lorikeet as Orange Tim educated Erk?

Above – Is Drue suffering from blurred vision?

Above – Rockstar Drue!

Above – the hoodie came in handy, Drue!

Above – Various beach photos

Above – Erk went onto the beach.



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7 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 112 – Beach Pod Edition. Show Notes

  1. Jessie

    It’s a rosella!

  2. Orange Tim

    Great podcasts lads! The ambient noise of the rain falling and the birds squaking was quite relaxing! LOL!

    The bird in question, is not a Rosella. It’s a Rainbow Lorikeet.

  3. Drue

    Confirmed as a Rainbow Lorikeet.

  4. Drue

    Tim, are you saying that Erk should record and sell nature sounds?

    Next installment of Nature Pod will be in the Blue Mountains near waterfalls. :D

  5. Nice job with the beachcast, guys. Cool to hear the sounds of rain in the background. (It doesn’t rain here in central California very often.)

  6. Erk

    Shawno, you’ll love episodes 114 & 115 then!

    Drue, that sounds good if I don’t have to walk far :P

    Drue/Tim, can we close the chapter of the bird now?

  7. Very nice rain sounds in the background. I’m impressed by how little wind picked up on your microphones, considering. Nice job! Was that tweeting sound coming from the bird you found? I didn’t know they sang that sort of song. Awesome.

    BJ’s promo is from the roundtable. That was fun.

    Great show. :)

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