Erk Pod Maxi 113 – Show Notes. “Back in the Studio!”

Erk Pod Maxi episode 113 – 78 minutes

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Welcome to episode 113 of Erk Pod Maxi, back in the Erk Pod Studio after being on Drue’s couch (episode 111) and at Avoca Beach (episode 112). It’s a lot warmer and nicer in the studio and it feels great to wear cans (headphones) again and get into the Erk Pod mood. Erk and the not-blue anymore co-host Drue are joined by Erk Pod regulars Squeak and Leigh the Voice Over Guy. Later in the episode, we are joined by Orange Tim via Skype. It’s a special Queen’s Birthday edition of Erk Pod.

In this episode:

  • “Do you want to play repeat?”
  • Back in the studio
  • Shout Out Central
  • Introduction
  • Who is on holidays?
  • Has Squeak brought himself a Mac?
  • World Catholic Youth Month Update – Slave Labour? Pope Chopper & more
  • What did we do during the Sydney 2000 Olympics?
  • Leigh now has Twitter. Follow him @thevoiceoverguy
  • Educate Erk – from episode 112, Erk, Drue & BJ spoke of the Pasha Bulker. BJ the Research Guy researched while on holidays that the name of the street named after the ship is Pasha Way, just off Nobbi’s Beach at Newcastle.
  • The Pasha Bulker has been repaired and repainted and renamed – thanks to Drue for research on the fly.
  • From Erk Pod Round Table 5, the teacher that was suspended for posing nude in a woman’s magazine has been reinstated and moved to another school.
  • BJ the Research Guy is on holidays and is blogging every day (where he can). Follow his adventures here on his blog and on Twitter @tangararama.
  • BJ, we recorded this on the afternoon of the Monday Public Holiday. Where were you at that time and where were you when heard this episode?
  • Big & Giant objects in Australia
  • Erk climbing Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)
  • Who has mobile phone coverage in the Erk Pod Studio?
  • Guest/Panelist Promos
  • Erk Pod Bunny Update
  • Big Brother knows where you are using your mobile phone and a lot more about you
  • Erk is waiting for Leigh to get a Twitter message about Voice Overing from another Voice Over Guy.
  • Man spies on woman, falls off building.
  • Tumour turns out to be a towel for Japanese man.
  • “Welcome to the Wheelbarrow General Hospital”
  • Educate Erk, Drue, Squeak & Leigh – We call our resident medical professional Orange Tim (via Skype) for more info about this story.
  • We share medical stories
  • Leigh doesn’t like needles
  • Drue played Solitaire on his new (to Erk Pod use) desktop PC rather than his laptop
  • Squeak is 100% Firefox now
  • Erk road trip info
  • Erk Pod during Erk’s Road Trip
  • Erk Pod Round Table 6 should be Saturday 28 June (Friday night 27 June in the US)
  • Drue’s first holiday of co-hosting Erk Pod since coming on board
  • Round Table Checklist
  • The Erk Pod Bunny will be named during Round Table 6
  • Squeak is following Erk & Nathan to Queensland
  • Shoutout to Nathan who has a twin in the UK Big Brother house :P

Stories found by Erk, Drue, Orange Tim & BJ the Research Guy. Sources include News Limited, ABC News,, San Francisco Chronicle

Above – Squeak

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Drue

Above 2 photos (from left): Squeak, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Drue

Above – Erk & Drue

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy inspects Erk’s new Behringer C1 Studio Microphone

Above Leigh the Voice Over Guy & Squeak

Above – Squeak & Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Squeak

Above – Setup for this episode



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2 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 113 – Show Notes. “Back in the Studio!”

  1. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school for one school year. It does not seem strange to me that the Catholic schools out there are having some of their students “volunteer” for Catholic Youth Month. I think the whole point of Catholic school is “Catholic”, not “school”, and therefore, you end up circumventing curriculum for all sorts of things considered more worthy. My guess is there is some spin going on about how volunteering your time on a good cause is a way to be a good Catholic, or something like that.

    Also, I am following y’all on twitter now, and am greatly amused by your comments to each other :)

    Yay! The Erkpod Bunny is here! :) Awesome.

  2. Erk


    I can only go on what I experienced, albeit in the state system. If we were to do the same thing, people would complain for sure. I do wonder how the Catholic school system justified it to their students. After all, they are being big coin to be there! It would probably be extra credit to them or something, who knows.

    Drue, BJ & I are pretty active on Twitter, Squeak has only just got back on and Leigh and Ben are new to it. Imagine when Squeak, Leigh and Ben get up to the level of Erk, Drue & BJ! Glad to see you enjoy following us. ;)

    Bunny rocks!

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