New Road Rules – WTF?

This morning I was checking out the traffic reports online for the start of my road trip with the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority (think either Department of Transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles, insert your version *here*) and there was some info about new road rules to apply from 1 July.

In Australia, the basic road rules are the same but there have been little inconsistencies between the states. Once upon a time, something you did interstate may not affect your traffic record or licence status in your home state but it does now.

Some time ago, there was a standardisation of the national road rules called “The Australian Road Rules” but they seemingly needed to be updated. Here’s one classic that I thought would have already been a rule but it is on the RTA website. It is:

Driver to have proper control of a vehicle

A driver must not drive with a person or animal in the driver’s lap. The rider of a motorbike must not ride with an animal on the fuel tank. This does not apply to a person who travels less than 500 metres for the purposes of farming.

PENALTY: Three demerit points (four in a school zone) and a $324 fine ($405 in a school zone).


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