Queensland Road Trip – Day 1

Day 1 – Penrith to Port Macquaire. Approx 416km/258 miles, about 5 hours travel time.

I left home under cloudy skies just after lunchtime. It was a pleasant trip to Port Macquaire, taking about 4 and a half hours. The weather varied from sun through clouds, light rain, heavy rain, light rain and I even saw a rainbow. The traffic was good and I didn’t hit any traffic jams. There was only 1 traffic accident north of Newcastle.

When I checked into the motel I realised that it was the same hotel that I booked into last year. I checked out the room and found the spa but no cable for the interweb so I went back to reception to grab one. When I was checking Twitter etc, I saw that Richard from the Wasting Time podcast was podcasting live so I joined him and Orange Tim on air, cutting into my spa time (but that’s OK).I then had a spa and went out and got some KFC for a late dinner. I’ll have a sleep and a shower and a spa in the morning and then I’ll head north towards the Gold Coast. Here are some pics on my way to Port Macquaire. It was raining on and off so no major stops and no landscape shots.

Above – It’s decision time! Brisbane via the Pacific Highway (coastal) or Brisbane via the New England Highway (inland). This is at the northern end of the F3 Freeway.

Above – Pac Man!

Above – 808km to go to Brisbane! It’s the first sign that I saw with a distance to Brisbane (via the Pacific Highway) on it.

Above – 808km to go to Brisbane and then some to the Sunshine Coast.

Above – This roadworks sign outside Port Macquaire is a bit un-needed if you don’t know the normal conditions!

Above – Sign to Port Macquaire. The road to the right is heading to the local hospital (hence the blue cross).


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