Erk Pod Maxi 117 – Show Notes. Beach Pod 2.0, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Erk Pod Maxi episode 117 (Beach Pod 2.0) – 55 minutes

[Right click to download]

While I am away in Queensland, I was not planning to do any Erk Pod episodes. I might have recorded some things for later release but not an actual episode placed online while I was gone. But when I arrived at Surfers Paradise and went to the Main Beach, I then decided to do an episode of Erk Pod (Beach Pod 2.0, episode 117). It was recorded on the beach with two microphones which was fun. It was certainly a lot better weather wise than when Drue, BJ the Research Guy and I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago. There were even girls in bikinis! And this is winter, I hasten to add!

In this episode, Erk talks about his trip so far, his unexpected appearance on Richard’s live version of the Wasting Time podcast, surf safety, beach life, traveling interstate and more.

Above – Entrance to Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

Above – Erk on Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

Above – Looking towards the buildings, Surfers Paradise

Above – Danger, no swimming!

Above – This surf class just finished.

Above – Danger! Erk!

Above – Erk hosts episode 117 of Erk Pod.

Above – I heart Erk Pod (thanks to Amanda for the suggestion!)

Above – there is a lockout policy for night clubs at Surfers Paradise. This sign explains it all.



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4 responses to “Erk Pod Maxi 117 – Show Notes. Beach Pod 2.0, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

  1. Funny that they held a surf class while also having a “No swimming” sign.

    I think maybe we should do a beach pod episode of our own sometime. Too bad our portable recording setup isn’t that great.

  2. Erk

    Shawno – the main reason they put the no swimming sign up there is to keep the swimmers (and those people who go in the water and just jump in the waves, you know the type!) away from the surfers.

    Have you got a portable recorder? All I use is the Zoom H4 and a couple of XLR mics.

  3. I am living vicariously through your vacation. :)

  4. Erk

    Jen, now that I’ve looked that word up, I’m glad to have you on my vacation in spirit if not body! When I wrote on day 10 that I got Red Rooster for Shawno, BJ the Research Guy rang me and asked me “is Shawno with you?” LOL.

    In a way, all the Erk Pod crew and regulars are with me on this trip.

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