Queensland Road Trip, Day 3.

Today was day 3, a relatively quiet day with very little driving involved after the last 2 days. I woke up at 8am (two days in a row, if you are playing along at home!) and had a shower. I then jumped onto a bus bound for Surfers. When the bus arrived, I got on and the bus was about 3/4 full. We stopped and started and stopped and started to Surfers up the Gold Coast Highway. There is talk of having a light rail system on this corridor which would be pretty sweet. It was certainly easier for me to let the bus driver do the driving and I didn’t need to park.

I arrived at Surfers and went to the Main Beach. I then decided to do an episode of Erk Pod (Beach Pod 2.0, episode 117, coming soon) on the beach which was fun. It was certainly a lot better weather wise than when Drue, BJ the Research Guy and I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago. There were even girls in bikinis! And this is winter, I hasten to add!

Above – Entrance to Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

Above – Erk on Main Beach, Surfers Paradise

Above – Looking towards the buildings, Surfers Paradise

Above – Danger, no swimming!

Above – This surf class just finished.

Above – Danger! Erk!

Above – Erk hosts episode 117 of Erk Pod.

Above – I heart Erk Pod (thanks to Amanda for the suggestion!)

Above – there is a lockout policy for night clubs at Surfers Paradise. This sign explains it all.

With audio, photos and video in the bag, I headed back to Burleigh Heads (via Dick Smith, Mermaid Beach) to have lunch with my high school bestie who now lives on the Coast. Squeak would have failed that meal for sure on price alone but hey, I am on the Gold Coast!

Lunch and chat over, it was back to Erk Gold Coast HQ to have a lie down and to read the papers. I then jumped in the car and headed to the border towns of Coolangatta (Queensland) and Tweed Heads (NSW) and shot some video and photos. I then headed to the border on the Pacific Motorway to repeat that effort (I love borders!) before going back to the motel.

Above – Border monument, Coolangatta/Tweed Heads

Above – I’m on the border of NSW/QLD

Above – The line in the concrete, NSW to the left, QLD to the right.

Above – I’m in two states at once!

Above – Still in two states at once. Hey, I don’t look like an XLFB!

Above – How’s it hanging?

Above – NSW/QLD border, Pacific Motorway from the QLD side

Above 2 photos – State border sign, Pacific Motorway. There is no such sign at the previous location I was at.

Above – The Erk Mobile is now in Queensland!



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2 responses to “Queensland Road Trip, Day 3.

  1. In two states at once! Oooohhh… special. :)
    I am enjoying the road trip photos.

  2. Erk

    I want to go to that place that I saw on The Simpsons where 5 states meet at the one spot. Now THAT would be sweet, Jen! ;)

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