Queensland Road Trip Day 5

Today I was woken up around 0830 by a sweet female voice saying “Housekeeping! Would you like a towel?” which (when I woke up) reminded me of the Housekeeping promo for Erk Pod. So after answering “please leave one at the door”, I woke up. After a shower, I went outside to no rain but an overcast day.

Above 2 photos – Brisbane River, Hamilton

I took some river photos and then caught the bus into town. I got off the bus and walked to Central Station and caught a train to Toowong. When I got off the train, there were a couple of (what one assumes were) plain clothes Police complete with Mr Glock for company. I saw the outside of the shopping centre yesterday and it looked massive on the outside but it wasn’t massive on the inside compared to a couple of Westiefields I could name at home. So I headed back to Roma Street for breakfast.

Above – Typical Brisbane City Council bus. That’s right, a local council runs a bus service. Having said that, the Brisbane City Council area is a lot bigger than those in other states.

Above – A Yellow Cab that is actually orange. The Yellow Cab company is a major player in the cab industry in Brisbane.

Above – Central Station sign, Brisbane

Above – A QR CityTrain at Toowong station

Then I went for a walk through the CBD doing some window shopping. I also sat and watched the world passing by. After this, I did a lap and a half on a free city loop bus before getting off at a hotel with many national flags out the front. I mentally saluted the American flag for Richard, Shawno & Jen and then I headed back to the mall.

Above – The Treasury Casino

When I got back to the Mall, I could see a female TV talking head and a cameraman. She was talking to the camera in front of nowhere special. On closer examination, I could see they were from Channel 7. So I sat and watched for a while and then the cameraman put the lighting rod away and I thought they were leaving. Next thing I know, out comes a Channel 7 microphone and they did what is called a “vox pop”, also known as “Street Talk” or “The Voice of the People”, depending on what show it would appear on. Not being a local, I did not recognise the woman but I could see that she was looking to talk to middle aged women and not male persons wearing Erk Pod t-shirts. She spoke to two “victims” and two volunteers. While I was on Twitter, they disappeared. So I thought that I’d have to watch Channel 7 news tonight to find out what the piece was about.

Above two photos – Vox popping in the Queen Street Mall

I went looking for the cameraman and reporter but they disappeared into the crowd. I thought I saw Amy Winehouse but the woman concerned was sober so it was a false alarm. I picked up a Bris Vegas version of the Mx commuter newspaper and read it. It was basically the same as the Sydney version that I am familiar with. Some bits are obviously local and some bits are obviously common to the various versions of the paper. I wondered if Leigh the Voice Over Guy (who collects Mx, much to Mrs Voice Over Guy’s disgust) wanted a copy.

Above – Hey Leigh, look what I’ve got!

It was approaching 3pm and I was due to meet up with Natalie aka Girl Clumsy who appeared on Erk Pod Round Table 3. The plan was to show me around South Bank so I headed out there via the SW Busway. That was a quick way out of the city but it almost didn’t happen as we almost were in a bus smash inside the tunnel as another bus cut us off as we were going what seemed (but probably wasn’t) warp factor 5.

I went to South Bank which is a re-development of the Expo 88 site. It was very quite as the rain was hovering about. I found the beach and Queensland’s most under worked Lifeguard, having 3 people in the water when I arrived.

Above – Beach sign, South Bank.

A while later, Nat arrived and we went for a walk around South Bank looking for a late lunch. That didn’t happen though as a lot of the places were closing or were closed due to the time of afternoon it was. So we decided to head back to Chez Clumsy where we chatted some more and did an interview (will be Erk Pod Maxi episode 118, coming soon) before heading out to a long awaited dinner with Nat, Greg, Simon and Justin. I had a lovely T-bone and chips with no salads & no decorations (Nat was warned!) and a nice after dinner conversation. But the night had to come to an end but it was an interesting afternoon/night.

Above – Erk and Nat pose with the Erk Pod microphones and cube after recording.

Back to the motel, leaving tomorrow morning for the Sunshine Coast and Rally Queensland.



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5 responses to “Queensland Road Trip Day 5

  1. Nice photos! Always wanted a river boat like that. Is that an actual casino? Hello Nat! The one thing they did right in Chicago was that the Yellow cab co. has actual yellow cabs.

    More photos!!

  2. Was just going to type that, about the Yellows in Chicago, but Richard beat me to it. And thanks for the mental salute, Erk. We’ll do the same for you if we ever spot an Australian flag. The likelihood of that happening isn’t so good.

  3. Erk


    I *think* the cabs in Brisbane used to be yellow. Nat, were they? I know that it is a requirement that all of the cabs are yellow in Melbourne. There is another company called “Black and White” cabs in Brisbane. In Sydney, there is another new company called Lime Taxis that specialise in taxis for the disabled.

    There would be an Australian flag somewhere in San Fran or LA but not in SLO I’m guessing. Shawno! :P

  4. Out here in California (or at least the part we are in), we have cabs called Beach City Cabs. Most are yellow. One is pink. All have surfboards on the top of them.

  5. Erk

    That’s awesome, Jen!

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