Announcement – Erk Pod Round Table 6

It’s that time of month again where Erk and Drue strap themselves into their chairs and ask for you to join us here on Erk Pod Round Table 6. This month, we decide on a name for the Erk Pod Bunny and a lot more. Come and join the fun as either a panelist or an audience member. If you are a panelist, feel free to stay for one segment or the entire time (Skype etc permitting). The usual time for a Round Table is usually at least 3 hours.

Meet up and soundcheck will commence and then recording will start. It will also be video streamed on uStream.

Soundcheck/meetup time

Sydney: Sat 3pm (GMT +10)
Pacific: Fri 10pm
Central: Fri midnight
Eastern: Sat 1am

You can also participate if you are not on the panel. From 1500 Sydney time on Saturday, we’ll have live video and audio streaming on the front page of the Erk Pod website so you can see and hear the action. If you need further information as either a panelist or an audience member, let Erk or Drue know.



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2 responses to “Announcement – Erk Pod Round Table 6

  1. That’s a little late for us, but not impossibly so. We’ll let you know for sure as time for the Table gets closer.

  2. Erk

    Hopefully you can join us for a little bit, Shawno. I don’t think that I’ll be able to start earlier due to Drue working that morning.

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