Queensland Road Trip, Day 9

Day 9 – 337km. Gympie to Byron Bay

Rally completed, it is time to start heading south. I had a massive sleep in this morning (9am) compared to the weekend and then checked out of the motel. After getting some pics and some souvenirs, my first stop was The Big Pineapple at Nambour. It was big, alright! They didn’t have many souvenirs specific to the place, though. Of course, I got some pics and videos.

With perfect driving weather, I thought I would keep going and aim for Byron Bay. I’d heard so much about it but had never stopped off there. I waved to Natalie as I skirted around BrisVegas, getting some petrol and headed to the NSW/Queensland border. Again, more pics and video. I love borders! The conditions were a lot better since the last time I’d passed this point! I Twittered “NSW, QLD, NSW, QLD, NSW, QLD”

Within 5 minutes of being in my home state, I saw a speed camera and had a cop follow me for a while. I didn’t do it (apart from the border hijinks!) but I was still relieved when he passed me. I stopped off at McDonalds for a cone and a chocolate McShake and to read the paper.

Soon after, I arrived at Byron Bay and went to one of many beaches. I recorded episode 119 of Erk Pod Maxi (most likely to be released when I get home) and tomorrow I will go to Cape Byron, the most easterly mainland point in Australia. I am now checked into my accommodation for the night and have a late check out of 11am so I can have a proper look around the shops and hopefully meet some hot female backpackers. Speaking of hot female bacpackers (there have been a few, Byron is a major backpacker area), I was leaving one place that I did not know was a backpacker place and I was walking past a hot female backpacker and was watching her and not where I was going and tripped over a step but luckily did not fall. Oops.

Above 2 photos – Some Australian places have interesting names. Add Tin Can Bay to that list.

Above – NSW/QLD Border monument.

Erk on the NSW/QLD border

Above – Erk on the NSW/QLD border

Erk on the NSW/QLD border

Above – Erk is about to head into his home state of New South Wales

Above – This photo was a total fluke!

Above – Poledancing on the border sign!

Above – NSW border sign.

Above 2 photos – Erk at The Pass, Byron Bay

Above – Erk recording episode 119 of Erk Pod Maxi, The Pass at Byron Bay

Above – Who needs a lifeguard if you have a sign?

Above – Various scenes from The Pass, Byron Bay. Erk recorded episode 119 of Erk Pod Maxi here.


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