Queensland Road Trip, Day 10

Day 10: Byron Bay – Port Macquaire, 405km

Today I started in Byron Bay, waking up just before 9am. I went over to the breakfast room and had breakfast (cornflakes, Vegemite and butter on toast) and then checked out. My first stop was the Byron Bay railway station that still stands but is currently out of use because services have been suspended on the line. The buildings are still being used though as a CountryLink Travel Centre and also another building is a pub (and has been for some time).

Then I headed to Cape Byron and the lighthouse. Cape Byron is the most easterly point on the Australian mainland. I got some video and photos of the scenery. I wish I could show you the pics at the moment but WordPress doesn’t seem to like me adding photos! After driving around the town for a bit, I headed back on the Pacific Highway to head south to Port Macquaire.

I briefly stopped off at Ballina to look at The Big Prawn (another big object!) and then made a quick stop at a roadwork site to get some shots of a sign that tells you how fast you are going approaching the worksite.

Lunch was at Coffs Harbour and I got some Red Rooster for Shawno. Sorry, Shawno, but I ate the chicken and chips. It was very nice, mate. Got some photos and video too to show Shawno what he missed out on. I went for a walk around the Harbour and got some boat and bird shots. And the bird stayed around long enough for me to get some shots, which these birds usually don’t!

I then left Coffs, had a fuel stop in Kempsey and arrived at Port Macquaire soon after dark. I checked in and the web wasn’t working in the room. So I changed rooms (after talking to reception) and the web didn’t work there, either. I decided to stay in that room as it has a bigger spa (2 person compared to one person in the original room). In fact, this is the room that I stayed in here last year. After I told reception that the web wasn’t working in room 2, it came good (typical) but I stayed here. After watching Big Brother, I went and had a spa, uploaded episode 118, downloaded some podcasts (am listening to episode 63 of the Wasting Time podcast as we speak) and here I am – unable to put photos on here again!

Home tomorrow…………..

Above – Byron Bay railway station.

Above – Train Drivers don’t wear fluro yellow shirts, you stooge!

Above – Nice station sign, too bad there are no trains to see it any more.

Above two photos – It’s been a while since there has been a train through Byron Bay.

Above – Erk at Cape Byron.

Above – Look up at the lighthouse!

Above: “Hey New Zealand, you left your light on!”

Above – Erk in front of the Cape Byron lighthouse

Above two photos  – Erk looks like he is walking on water! I’m at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland

Above 3 photos – The Big Prawn, Ballina

Above two photos – Some roadwork sites have portable traffic lights instead of stop/go men (officially called Traffic Controllers). This is a typical setup on the Pacific Highway.

Above two photos – Here is a more traditional style “Stop/Go” man, officially known as a Traffic Controller. This is at a worksite on the Pacific Highway.

Above two photos – Some worksites have problem with speeding motorists. The top photo is too fast at 76kph and the bottom photo is OK at 49kph (temporary speed limit is 60kph).

Above – With this shirt I fit right in on a worksite!

Above 3 photos – Red Rooster, Coffs Harbour.

Above photos – Bird action, Coffs Harbour



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2 responses to “Queensland Road Trip, Day 10

  1. I love vacation photos. Some very nice pics here as well. The “big prawn” is the biggest one I have ever seen. It is even bigger than the giant lobster Shawno and I found in a casino. I have a pic of me standing next to that somewhere on my myspace page. The pic that sits above “Above: Erk at Cape Byron” is wonderful. Looks like a professional photographer took it. There’s one for your myspace page.

    Oh, and you know that those birds only love you for your chips, right? ;)

  2. Erk

    Hey Jen

    Yes, that Prawn was huge! I don’t think it was on BJ’s list of “Big Objects” that we have here in Australia but I had to stop! I’m not sure if you’ve seen some of my other photos but if you haven’t, go to http://erkcommunications.wordpress.com for some more photos. While I’m not a pro, I do enjoy it! And oh yes, the birds only want me for my chips, much like the real thing! :P

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