Video – Rally Queensland, Sunday afternoon

Here is some footage from Rally Queensland that I managed to shoot as a spectator on Sunday afternoon. It’s not TV standard camera work but it is what it is and I know that some of you will enjoy it! Towards the end of the video I manage to change to a better location when some people leave the corner so you can see more.



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5 responses to “Video – Rally Queensland, Sunday afternoon

  1. Very cool, about 4:24 car #40 could of swore I saw a red American 70’s Dodge Challenger. Weird thing is that the gas cap was on the the American drivers side, should be on the passenger side. Whats the story on car 40?

  2. Erk

    Richard, I thought you’d like car 40! It is an old V8 Ford Falcon. I’ve been told that the driver usually drives the car to the event, does the event and drives it home again.

  3. yep, what threw me off was the area by the b-pillar and the rear area of the car blurred by the dirt, could not see teh tail lights. Pulled out my old copy of Mad Max road warrior and it is simular to the 4 dr version MG drove. Looking at the car again, it looks like the old 70’s Ford Torino. I don’t know, your Falcons look ed nothing like the American Falcon still very cool car. link to the 1972 Ford falcon AU. The front looks a lot like our old cChallengers. Are there a lot of 70’s cars and classics around in good condition?

  4. WP has issues. repost.
    Found AU Ford Falcon. Looks a lot like our old Ford Torino’s. This explains the gas cap on the left instead of right. Great car. Are there a lot of these old cars still around. You guys have the best weather for older cars since it does not snow?

  5. Erk

    Richard, I am pretty sure that the car is an XB (3rd generation). The Wiki page above is a good source of info about all out Falcons. The 4th Generation from the XD looks very different and is when the Holden Commodore started.

    There are still a lot of these cars around in various conditions. While we don’t have snow (mostly), the salt air of the coastal waters is not good for these cars.

    As for the fuel caps, all of my cars up until my Subi have been on the left. There is a sign on my Subi reminding me that the cap is on the right. Took me a few times to go to the right rather than the left!

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