Erk Pod on iTunes – Please Review Erk Pod!

Of course, Erk Pod is listed on iTunes. Many podcasters ask their audience to post a review of their podcast on iTunes. I haven’t done this – until now. So if you have an iTunes account, please leave a review of Erk Pod by clicking here.

I knew that there were separate iStores stores for different countries but what I did not realise is that the reviews are not done globally. So any review made by an Australian will only appear in the Australian store, for instance. You can change your iTunes store by going to the bottom of the main iStore and selecting a new one. For instance, you can change to the US store.

So if you would like to do a review for Erk Pod, feel free and let me know so I can have a look!

Also interesting are the “Listeners Who Subscribed To This Podcast Also Subscribed To:” links in each store. For instance:

  • Australia: Gadgettes from CNET, Buzz Out Loud from CNET, Media Watch
  • Canada: Nil
  • Ireland: Nil
  • New Zealand: Nil
  • UK: Nil
  • US: Inside Home, net@night, Security Now, Global News.

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