Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Show Notes (Erk Pod Maxi episodes 120 – 122)



Erk Pod Round Table 6 was recorded on Saturday 28 June at the Erk Pod Studio commencing at 3.45pm Sydney time (GMT +10). Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)

In the Erk Pod studio with Erk & Drue were:

  • Orange Tim
  • Squeak
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Joining in via Skype were:

Click on the link to listen to the episodes, watch the uStream video and read the Show Notes.



Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 1. 62 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Squeak, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG

  • Introductions to Erk Pod Round Table 6 and panelists
  • The plan was to name the Erk Pod Bunny and to hook her up to the podcast. FAIL
  • Introducing Shawno to Red Rooster
  • World Catholic Youth Month Update
  • Condom protest for World Catholic Youth Month
  • Losing money on motorsport events
  • Erk has never sucked helium (Squeak has!) or put a condom on his head and blown it up
  • Tight security for World Catholic Month
  • Will The Chaser crash World Catholic Youth Month?
  • The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Erk’s on the cans – Southern Comfort is today’s drink of choice
  • You can’t get Jack Daniels in the county where it is made because it is a dry county
  • Alcohol Free Zones & Dry Counties
  • The new official medical definition of binge drinking
  • Richard is showing off his Erk Pod clock
  • Jen’s all better now and there is a new episode of Hyper Nonsense out now
  • Erk tried not to podcast while on holiday – FAIL
  • Erk at the Whitewater Stadium (listen to episode 115 for more detail)
  • More possible names for the Bunny – FAIL
  • Still trying to hook the Bunny up to Drue’s wi-fi
  • Richard’s live podcast episode
  • More drinking & alcohol talk
  • BJ, wardrive to Shawno & Jen’s!
  • Shoutout to UStream bots!
  • Promo: Hyper Nonsense podcast


Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 2. 66 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG, Pete the Workie, EOPS Dude

  • Welcome back! Introduction to new panelists
  • Bunny is still not connecting.
  • OG got bail!
  • Sacked Teacher does test not to get onto sex offender list and gets offered a job with difficult children
  • Various child protection issues
  • Filling in a green form when entering the US
  • The Department of Homo Homeland Security, Immigration and the questions they ask
  • Can the US Customs guys and girls smile?
  • Adventures at LAX
  • Transferring luggage on connecting flights
  • Travel insurance
  • More show notes coming soon
  • Shout out to Orange Tim’s sister if she reads this ;)
  • Iguana-gate
  • Two Joe Citizens have a dispute in a restaurant with staff = who cares. Two politicians who have a dispute with restaurant staff = national news and police investigation
  • Nathan trying to join up to Twitter and getting the Fail Whale. You can now follow Nathan (@nather)
  • Introducing the Twitter Fail Whale to non Twitter users. After all, Twitter users know all about the Fail Whale!
  • Erk asks Jen about Haikus. Jen writes Haikus about her frustrations in retail and also writes all her Twitter messages in a Haiku regardless of the subject matter.
  • The music on Jen’s solo podcast “Inside My Head”
  • Jen’s on a break with her Erk Pod cup so DO NOT ask her to look up a book for you!
  • Erk is not speaking Swahili and only wants chicken and chips, not world peace
  • Beach Pod and not getting distracted by girls in bikinis
  • Drunk man caught twice for drink driving after driving 142kph (80mph) in an 80kph (49mph) zone.
  • The Dunlop man isn’t what you think it is
  • Jen thought the guy was on speed and alcohol at the same time based on the headline
  • Erk thinks about returning to work
  • World’s Wildest Badly Dubbed Police Videos
  • Man banned from owning a camera phone after taking photos of women on the toilet
  • Unisex toilets and who has to put the seat up
  • Woman’s fake beard was bogus (oh really?)
  • Customs seizes illegally imported pron
  • Erk asks “who decides what is good pron and what is bad pron?” and Tim offers to investigate
  • Street names for drugs
  • Erk unveils the new Erk Pod sign
  • Erk and Nathan will have to compare notes on holidays
  • Shout out to BJ the Research Guy who is back from his holidays
  • Erk Pod coffee mug v2.0 is on it’s way to BJ
  • False alarm – gangsters on a drug deal turns out to be a music video
  • Erk asks “are we conditioned to see people on the street with guns?”
  • Do you/should you get involved in disputes on the street?
  • “Shawno’s got a gun?”
  • Are you ready for dot sex?
  • New domains coming such as .car .hotel .pod .erk .train crash ?
  • Would it be erkpod.pod or erk.pod?
  • Nathan missed out badly on a domain name. Oops! Bah-bow!
  • Bye Squeak!
  • Squeak Promo


Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Part 3. 57 minutes [Right click to download]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, OG, Leigh the Voice Over Guy

  • Welcome back!
  • Filming up girls skirts not indecent – defense lawyer
  • Presumption of innocence?
  • 12 year old girl arrested after taking (and sending) a nude photo of herself in the US
  • 12 year old girl in New Zealand arrested after sending 300 nude photos of herself to a game website
  • 17 under aged girls in pregnancy pact
  • Bat phone!
  • Hello Leigh the 3 Hour Late Voice Over Guy!
  • Woman prisoner escapee gets stuck in Police air conditioning vent
  • Shawno bah-bows himself
  • How do you remove someone from an air conditioning vent?
  • Man arrested for drink driving on his lawn mower
  • Does a lawnmower have to be registered?
  • Are there any lawns to mow in Alaska?
  • Tim’s theory on why the cops didn’t get out of the car
  • Man on skidoo hits Police car
  • “Hold my beer and watch this!”
  • Bottle thrower falls out of a car window
  • Man urinates on side of road after “a bunch of beers”. Wait for his excuse for slurring!
  • Drunk midget on COPS after a 911 hang up call after “30 beers”
  • Richard sees Erk’s 30 beers and raises that to at least 36 beers
  • Supplying a year’s worth of condoms to Antarctica
  • Working out the number of condoms per person and the men:women ratio
  • Sending condoms to the International Space Station
  • Shrinkage?
  • Educate Erk – peeing in the snow? Wouldn’t it freeze as soon as it comes out in that sort of environment?
  • Viagra linked to improved athletic performance?
  • Who invited Leigh? That’s right, Erk did!
  • Goodnight, interweb

Sources: News Limited, Yahoo News, Fairfax Media, News, Gizmodo. Stories found by Erk, Drue & Orange Tim.

Above – The Twitter Fail Whale and Erk’s widgets for weather and time in Sydney, Chicago and San Luis Obispo (right)

Above – Drue

Above – Squeak

Above – Orange Tim

Above – Erk on the cans



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6 responses to “Erk Pod Round Table 6 – Show Notes (Erk Pod Maxi episodes 120 – 122)

  1. Twitter stole the whale. I hope you know that! Thiefs!

  2. Erk

    Marnie, I never want to see the Twitter Fail Whale again. Can’t see it happening, though! They stole it from you guys?

  3. I just finished listening to all three parts of this round table. And, even though I was there when it was recorded, I am still laughing at the funny stuff as I listen to today. It was so much fun being part of Round Table, again. Thanks for inviting us, again.

  4. Erk

    Jen – I love Round Tables. They are so much fun because you never know where they are going! RT5 is still my favourite but RT6 is sweet, too. And it is always my pleasure to have you and Shawno on board! :)

  5. druey

    I would like to correct a statement made during the Round Table.

    As I wasn’t at the table at the time, I would like to correct Squeak regarding the Australian equivalent to the American Wine, ‘Boones Farm’.

    It was mentioned in part 1 of the Round Table around the 52 minute mark. It was said the Australian equivalent to ‘Boones Farm’, was the ‘Wines’ Pink and Yellow, by Yellowglen.

    Firstly, Pink and Yellow come in a CORKED bottle, not a screwtop. Secondly Pink and Yellow are Sparkling Wines.

    I believe the wine Squeak was referring to is Passion Pop, which IS cheap and nasty and consumed by mainly teenagers and university students.


  6. Erk

    Drue, the Pink and Yellow is the stuff that Ben and you like, is it not? I seem to remember it from when Ben and I went to the Bottleo.

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