World Catholic Youth Month, Day 1 (Tuesday 01 July 2008)

I regard today to be the official start of World Catholic Youth Month (WCYM). In case you aren’t aware, the official title of the event is World Youth Day. But of course, it isn’t meant for all youths, just the Catholic ones. Also, the actual events are not just on the one day but a week. Only in Australia can we have a Day that takes a Week! When you consider when people arrive and depart, my theory is to call it World Catholic Youth Month.

So on each day of WCYM, I’ll bring you an update of what is happening in WCYM news.

Today, Fairfax Media reported that on Friday, new laws were quietly passed by the NSW Government that means that people who cause annoyance or inconvenience to WCYM participants can be fined $5500. These laws will apply in so-called Declared Areas including 40 Sydney CBD/Inner City locations, 35 train and/or bus interchanges & 500 schools. [Article]


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