Steam Train in Queensland – VIDEO

When I was in Queensland being an official for Rally Queensland, I was heading from the forest after being on my stage. I was passing Kandanga railway station when I saw a steam train waiting to depart. I quickly found a parking spot and took some photos and videos before the train departed, heading for nearby Imbil.

Not exactly sure of the route of the railway between Kandanga and Imbil but totally sure of the route I needed to drive, I felt confident of beating the train to Imbil. After all, it wasn’t a high speed passenger or freight train that I was hoping to chase but a tourist special. As it was, I had about 15 minutes to spare in Imbil before the train arrived.

When I first arrived in Imbil on Friday, I saw the station and the level crossing but was not sure if I’d actually see a train. On the Saturday I saw (and photographed) a diesel railmotor but I was not expecting the steam train on the Sunday. Right time, right place!

Steam trains and rally cars, what a combination!



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3 responses to “Steam Train in Queensland – VIDEO

  1. That was really great. It would be something to ride on an old stream train. In Illinois, I don’t believe that there are any running. There all in train museums. Another train that would be fun would be the French TGV or the Japan bullet trains.

  2. This was really cool. :) Does the steam train run on coal? What makes the steam?

  3. Erk

    Richard – I’ve sent you a link of Twitter that might be of interest. I love steam train rides and we are relatively spoilt in my part of the world to go on them. High speed trains are sweet, too!

    Jen – I’ve sent you a link on Twitter and a separate post about how steam trains work but basically you need coal and water to make fire and steam.

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