World Catholic Youth Month, Thursday 03 July

Various updates regarding World Catholic Youth Month:

  • News Limited reports that transport operator CityRail still has over 5000 shifts to cover during WCYM on stations in Sydney’s CBD including over 3000 volunteer positions. There is the possibility of letting everyone travel for free during the period. Pilgrims will already  receive free travel.
  • News Limited also reports that the oldest man to take part in WCYM has arrived in Sydney. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati died in 1925 from Polio aged 24. He did a lot of work with poor youth in Italy before he died. Since then, he has been lying in a coffin in Italy but has now flown out to Sydney for WCYM. Thankfully though, he isn’t going to spend his time “Weekend At Bernies” style as we discussed in an episode of Erk Pod. His coffin will be on public display during WCYM.
  • Nine MSN reports of a group of pilgrims from Africa who flew to Sydney for WCYM with the intention of meeting up with their host community for the event and some pre WCYM activities in Adelaide. They paid $3800 per person return to Sydney thinking that someone else would take care of the rest and that they would be transported to Adelaide, thinking it was nearby. As Australians know, Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia, 1427km/886 miles away. The Africans are now looking at a 20 hour bus trip each way at a stated cost of $400 return per person. The local religious community are now looking to fundraise the $20 000  required.  Hot tip for travelers,  do your research!

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