Back to work, Erk!

Today, Erk goes back to work after a lovely annual leave period. I enjoyed my road trip, I enjoyed being able to go out and I enjoyed the company of many people who know who they are. But it’s time to go back to work.

I always try and take all of my holidays. And there are chances to go away during the “school term” as well. I really needed this holiday.

Now all I need to remember is that the GO handle is the one on the right. That’s what Squeak told me a few years ago when I had 10 weeks holidays. When I was selected to become a driver, I was due for holidays and as a shiftworker in my company, we get 5 weeks. Non shiftworkers (like Leigh the Voice Over Guy) get 4 weeks. But because Driver’s School was starting in October and it was the last one for the year, I had a choice. The choice was to go on holiday in October at my (then) current rate of pay and then go into Driver’s School when I got back or to start Driver’s School in October and then have my 2005 and 2006 holidays after I finished Driver’s School. However, they don’t like you to graduate from the school and then go straight on holidays for fairly obvious reasons. So I did the 6 months of Driver’s School and then 6 months on the road afterwards and then I had my 2005 and 2006 holidays together.

Having said that, Driver’s School was like a mini holiday anyway because we did a lot of Monday to Friday work leaving weekends free and we also had a fun bunch of blokes in the school that meant that going to work was fun, too.

So when I was preparing to come back to work after 10 weeks holiday, Squeak said to me “the GO handle is the one on the right”, just in case I’d forgotten. So when I did sign on and take my first train, I remembered what Squeak had said and looked down at the go handle and someone had written GO on it. So I had a laugh to myself. It was almost as if Squeak had known what train I was on and had written it there himself but of course,  he didn’t.  So it is a bit of a running joke now when one of us goes back to work.

BJ and Squeak, the GO handle is the one on the right, boys! BJ the Research Guy are also returning to work soon, albeit Squeak split his holidays and went back for a week and then on holidays again.


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  1. I think it’s cool that you get to drive a train, Erk. I like trains.

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