Erk Pod Maxi 123 – Show Notes. World Catholic Youth Month Special

Erk Pod Maxi episode 123 – 61 minutes

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Welcome to episode 123 of Erk Pod Maxi which is a World Catholic Youth Month Special. Unfortunately regular co-host Drue wasn’t available to record this episode. Erk is joined on Skype via Erk Pod regular Orange Tim. This episode was followed by a regular Erk Pod episode, episode 124.

In this episode:

  • Shout out to absent co-host Drue and welcome to guest Orange Tim
  • Suspicious pilgrims denied entry for WCYM
  • Shout out to Shawno as we compare previous WCYM’s in Germany and Canadia
  • Pilgrims thought that Adelaide was close to Sydney. FAIL.
  • A bloke wanted to come to Sydney, Australia. He ended up in Sydney, Canadia. Oops.
  • New “WCYM Anti Annoyance” laws makes it an offence to annoy or inconvenience to WCYM participants.
  • “Glamour Lesbians attack the Pope and the Catholic Church”. The headline of a protest outside NSW Parliament House was better than the article.
  • You may remember the story of a clergyman from Italy who died in 1925 at the age of 24 but is making the trip out here for WCYM. He has arrived in Sydney.
  • Catholic priest slams WCYM expense
  • Erk talks about the planned and now postponed rail strike that was planned for so-called “Super Thursday”, the day that the Pope on a Boat is arriving in Sydney.
  • Various wage discussions, not all WCYM related.
  • Where the Pope is staying in Sydney and what is he going to do when he is there.
  • Shout out to the Pope if he has Erk Pod on his iPod with Pope Pod.
  • Pilgrims are starting to arrive in Sydney
  • Let’s hope that things don’t go pear shaped and goes well.
  • Goodnight, interweb!

News sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media, AAP, Yahoo News, Ninemsn


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