WCYM Update, Sunday 13 July

It’s almost time for the fun to begin. The Pope has touched down in Sydney at Richmond RAAF Base and will soon be resting at his western Sydney retreat. Tomorrow (Monday) is the day where many of the overseas Pilgrims are scheduled to arrive into Sydney to bring World Catholic Youth Month into full swing.

At work on Friday and Saturday, I could see a few people around but it was hard to tell who are the locals and who are the Pilgrims on the trains. I dare say that as the week goes on, it will be very obvious who the WCYMers are and who isn’t. Sydney is a very multi-cultural city so to see or hear people from other cultures is not uncommon even in normal circumstances. For me so far, it has pretty much been business as usual but having said that, my WCYM rosters and diagrams commence tomorrow (Monday).

In the lead up to WCYM, various people on various episodes of Erk Pod questioned the reasoning behind having most of the major WCYM events at Randwick Racecourse rather than Sydney Olympic Park. Various media reports have said that Sydney Olympic Park could not accommodate the amount of people (250 000+) required. According to various media reports, there will be 10 000 Pilgrims staying in the Olympic Park precinct which will make the area very busy when combined with normal events there.



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2 responses to “WCYM Update, Sunday 13 July

  1. I like how the Pope flew into an air force base.

  2. Erk

    Shawno, I probably didn’t make it clear on the latest WCYM edition of Erk Pod and Sydney siders would know this but where he is staying (as Tim said) is in a rural area of North West Sydney that is relatively just up the road from where the Pope landed at the Air Base.

    The normal procedure for a Head of State etc is usually to fly into to Sydney’s main Airport, usually to a secure area and then head into town. I watched on TV the arrival of GWB and he had something like a 30 car motorcade into the centre of Sydney where he was staying.

    But with the Pope, I think they want him out of the city until the Pope on a Boat while he gets over the jet lag etc.

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