WCYM Update Monday 14 July

Sunday and Monday has seen a lot more WCYMites arrive into Sydney. They are now very obvious with a lot of them wearing WCYM merchandise. It’s almost like a backpacker convention but while people look different, they are all supporting the same team on the field.

I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences while working. There was the couple who wanted to use my train as a mobile motel. I’ve read stories about people getting enough coin to come here but haven’t allowed themselves much coin for spending. Or they expect the organisers to sort everything. Various media reports say that organisers are having a lot of people rock up who haven’t registered.

Now that everything is happening, I’ll be getting the camera out when I can (obviously work and safety have to come first) so keep an eye on Erk Pod.

Above – Lateish on Sunday night, I saw this Ambulance parked at Lidcombee station. I didn’t see the Paramedics but they could have been anywhere on the station. They definately weren’t getting something to eat as those options late on a Sunday night are limited!

Above – Monday was a massive arrival day for many WCYMites. This scene at Strathfield station is fairly typical of what I saw on afternoon shift at work.

Above – This shot from my train window shows crowd control barriers on the platform at Circular Quay station with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. I was actually surprised to see this scene for a couple of reasons. If I had an 8 carriage train, I would not have been able to get this shot but because I had a 6 carriage train, I could. Also during large events like New Year’s Eve, this view is blocked off so people do not spend long periods on the station admiring the view.

Above – I’ve just “put this train to bed” at the outer suburban terminus of Campbelltown. It’s an early night for this train at around 10.40pm on Monday night. It is one of the first trains to arrive and will be cleaned before it goes out again on Tuesday.

Above – This train has just dropped off its last passenger for Monday night at Campbelltown. It’s nearly 11pm as the clock says. Another driver will “put it to bed”. I’m waiting for this train to get out of the way before my final train for the night arrived. As it was, my train arrived after this train but on the next platform. Before trains are “put to bed” they have to be checked to make sure that no one is still on them and I’ve found that to be especially important so far during WCYM.


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