Round Table 7 & this week’s episode – update

As you are aware, I am in the middle of World Catholic Youth Month. I am working all week and am in the middle of an 8 day stretch of afternoon and late afternoon shifts. At the moment, I am working late Friday night into Saturday morning. Then I am not working Saturday. As the roster stands at the moment, I am then working close enough to 4am on Sunday morning and then doing another stretch of 7-9am starts. I thought that I would not be working on the weekend after next (26/27 July) and Drue and I were talking about having the Round Table on Sunday afternoon our time (late Saturday night for our American friends).

However the roster is different to what I thought it would be and I am now working that weekend on morning shifts. So my preference (of course) is not to be working that weekend but I will have to try plans E, F & G to do this over the next day or two. Hopefully it will work but Erk will need to work out a plan B for the Round Table and talk to Drue again.

Whatever plan works will affect when the episode for this week will be. I’ve only got Saturday off this weekend and normally I prefer to record Erk Pod on my days off, especially if I am on afternoon shifts.

Stay tuned.

EDIT (Friday 18 July): Plan F might be a good one for Round Table 7. Time will tell.


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