Some new podcasts

I’ve been listening to some new podcasts during WCYM and have deleted some others. The ones that I have deleted are mainly from the Nova radio network here in Australia. If you only have 10 minutes of highlights on your breakfast show (that aren’t always so great) from 3 hours of content, there’s a problem, Houston. I’ve also caught up with all the podcasts on my “to listen” list as it is easier to listen to podcasts at work rather than at home.

I’ve found some new podcasts that I am listening to. These are:

  • The GeekGirlBlogs podcast – This is a new podcast on The Podcast Network hosted by Catherine in Sydney. It is aimed at women in the IT industry and also women who have an interest in technology and geekdom (yes, there are a few and some of them reside on my Twitter and Facebook lists). Catherine is a Microsoft certified trainer and I am hoping to be able to have her as a guest on Erk Pod soon.
  • And Time – “And Time” is another new podcast from Impro Mafia in Brisbane. It is aimed at people who have an interest in the Impro scene in Brisbane and in general. Natalie (who Erk interviewed as Erk Pod Maxi episode 118) features in episode 1.
  • The Media Burnout – When I put the call out to find a podcast similar to Erk Pod from the country of Canadia (Canada for those not playing along at home), Shawno from the Hyper Nonsense podcast referred me to this podcast. Hosted by Ben and Jeff, the show is about TV, entertainment, gaming, movies, the media and more from a Canadian point of view. Interestingly, Ben’s day job is a radio producer (what is it about radio people and Erk Pod?) and Jeff spent 8 years as a stand up comedian (compared to Erk’s 8 minutes).
  • DarkCompass – Erk has also been looking for an Erk Pod style program (or a general talk show) from the UK. He used to listen to BritPod but that is more sketch comedy. Erk also used to listen to the LBC podcasts but could not keep up with the 2 hour version and the 20 minute version was too short. DarkCompass however is another podcast that I found via Shawno (who said that podcasters keep things to themselves!). Hosted by Rowley in the UK, this show is part talk and part music. While I don’t usually listen to a lot of music based podcasts, there is enough talk in here to keep me interested. However if you like music generally across a range of styles, you will also love this podcast.


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2 responses to “Some new podcasts

  1. In general, radio just doesn’t get podcasting. Those “highlight” shows that radio stations put out as podcasts usually suck. For awhile, the only local talk-radio show was podcasting its entire show (sans commercials) five days a week. The shows usually clocked in between 2.5 and 3 hours a day, but it was great to be able to hear the entire thing every day.

    And I’m glad to see you checked out some of my suggestions. Hope you continue to enjoy them. Also, you can see all of my podcast subscriptions here.

  2. Erk

    Shawno, you are exactly right. Why bother to podcast if they only put out 10 minutes of a 3 hour show? Because the podcast downloads don’t count for ratings, and they mostly (at least here) don’t carry ads, they don’t care.

    I’ll gradually get through your list, any standouts?

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