WCYM Update, Friday/Saturday

Friday was the “Stations of the Cross” re-enactment. My knowledge of the Stations of the Cross is from an episode of South Park so I can’t comment about how relevant or important it was to be on Friday. After a couple of early afternoon shifts on Wednesday and Thursday, I was on a later afternoon shift. Indeed there were two shifts singing on at exactly the same time (1846) so it would depend on the roster to determine which 1846 job I was doing. One of the jobs was an easy job with only one run from one depot to another while the other job was a normal job. When I turned up to work, I found I was on the depot to depot job. So I had time to sort out my timesheet for the week, sort out a swap and take my time to get to Hornsby.

My diagram told me that I had to ride as a passenger from Lidcombee to Hornsby via the city and the North Shore line. Then I was due to standby at Hornsby and have my meal break before bringing the train back from the station to my depot. However, I was able to leave the depot later, catch a train to Strathfield and then catch a Newcastle train to Hornsby and still get there earlier than if I had of taking the planned route.

Apart from a few WCYMites at Lidcombee, Strathfield and Hornsby, I didn’t have anything to do with WCYM at all on Friday apart from the fact that the train I had to drive would not have normally been operating under a normal timetable. So while on standby in case things went pear shaped, they didn’t so I got to watch 2 games of Rugby League on the TV and spoke with some of my co-workers.

One driver mentioned that it was a full moon and a guard mentioned that it was a quiet night. In my other role as a Communications Supervisor with the NSW Rural Fire Service and previously having worked in the Security Control Centre for CityRail, I used to refer to the word “quiet” as “the Q word”. The reason for this that has been proven by me and others in similar communications centres is that when someone mentions the Q word, things usually go pear shaped. So it is bad luck to mention the Q word. And earlier in the night, it almost did go pear shaped. There were reports of a female wanting to jump in front of a train but the Police came and sorted that situation.  That could have been a bad situation train wise (apart from the obvious personal issues a person hit by a train causes) as Hornsby is the junction between the North and North Shore lines and is a bottleneck at the best of times.

Eventually my train came and I drove it to my depot and finished work.

On Saturday, I was rostered off after working 8 days straight. I am back to work early morning on Sunday so there isn’t much time between getting home on Saturday morning and leaving for work on Sunday morning. So Saturday is what we normally call a pyjama day.

Saturday is an important day for WCYM. The WCYMites were to walk from North Sydney, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and through the inner suburbs to Randwick Racecourse. They will then stay overnight on an overnight vigil before Mass with the Pope on Sunday. Seeing lots of people walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be spectacular but needless to say is not good for traffic. It is lucky that there is an alternative route across the harbour (Sydney Harbour Tunnel) and there are extra trains and ferries. I can remember the last time people were allowed to walk across the entire Sydney Harbour Bridge for the Bridge’s 150th birthday. That was a special day because I got to drive my train across it that day and it was fun to see all the people walking across the Bridge.

So tomorrow is the last major event of WCYM with the Papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse. Media reports state that the WCYMites should be aware of the weather overnight at Randwick as they camp out overnight. I wonder how many people knew when they came that we are indeed in winter here in Australia.

So I’ll be back on my train tomorrow morning as people who aren’t going to camp at Randwick overnight head to the Papal Mass. So it will be a busy morning and also a busy afternoon after the Mass. On Monday, the WCYMites will start to head home with special WCYM train timetables applying until Wednesday.


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