“Double Trouble” hits Erk Pod Round Table 7!

Promo for Tee’s Billibub Baddings podcast

I am very pleased to announce that on Erk Pod Round Table 7, Drue and I will be joined at the start of the Round Table by authors and podcasters Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine as a part of the Double Trouble promotion to promote their new books The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant (Tee) and Digital Magic (Pip) and to talk podcasting, podcasting books, writing and more. This interview will be opening the Round Table and will be streamed live from this site and on uStream from 11am on Sunday 27 July (Sydney time, GMT +10). This will be followed by the usual fun & entertainment that is Erk Pod Round Table where we look at Australian life, the (often wacky) news and a lot more. This is going to be without doubt the biggest and best Erk Pod Round Table ever!

Originally, Tee and Pip were going to release their books separately on August 8, 2008. Since finding out that co-incidence, both authors got together and decided to mutually promote each other’s book release under the “Double Trouble” brand. The aim of the promotion is to send both books to the top of the Amazon book charts on the 08/08/08 when they are released. No one can possibly get that date confused! However due to time zones, the best time to start to buy both books on Amazon will be 8am Pacific time on Friday 08/08/08 (1am Sydney time, Saturday 09 August.)

Prior to launch, both authors are using their respective podcasts, audiences and social networks to promote both books. In addition, they are appearing on other podcasts (such as Erk Pod) which is great as well. Indeed, Erk Pod will be the 14th podcast to feature in this Double Trouble promotion.

In case you are unaware of a podcast novel, it isn’t simply a case of the author turning up to a recording booth, opening the book to page 1, hitting record and simply reading “It was the best of days, it was the worst of days”. Instead, most podcast authors put a lot of time and effort into their recording to make the book come alive complete with character voices, special effects and more. Usually, each chapter is released as a separate podcast episode on a weekly basis until the entire book is completed although this may vary between authors. Usually, these podcast episodes are free and the authors hope that by listening to the podcast version, you will go out and buy a book or two. As an example of the production values, feel free to play the promo at the top of this page.

Tee is based in America has written several award winning novels, hosts The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast and also produces podcast versions of his novels. In fact, Tee was the first person to produce a complete podcast version of a novel. Long time Erk Pod listeners would know that the book that Tee co-wrote (with Evo Terra) “Podcasting for Dummies” and the companion podcast greatly inpired me and helped me greatly to improve Erk Pod.

Pip has also written award nominated novels and has more recently also moved into the area of podcasting her novels as well as appearing as voice talent in some of Tee’s work. I found Pip’s podcast Whispers At the Edge as a result of listening to The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy. Based in New Zealand, Pip hasn’t let the fact of living in a relatively small island in the middle of the ocean stop her from writing and promoting her work in the American market. In addition to this, Pip will be our first guest from New Zealand ever to appear on Erk Pod.

If you have a question that you would like Erk or Drue to ask Tee or Pip, email erkpod@gmail.com or comment on this story.


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