Being creative at work (again)

Here are some more work photos while at my depot being “Mr Shed” where it is my job to move trains around the depot from one section to another as required.

Above – I had to take my Erk Pod coffee mug on the train with me because the meal room was being cleaned. I am not driving the train at this stage. My Mr Shed partner at the other end of the train is driving.

Above – 3 Inter City trains wait for their departure times for the afternoon peak. These trains had various services done on them prior to this photo.

Above 3 photos – I love these 3 photos. Often you can see the reflection of another train in a train’s window at the depot but while the human eye can see them, sometimes the camera can not do it justice. But here, you can see a suburban train reflecting in two different types of windows of an Inter City train.

Above – Look out for trains!

Above – because of the amount of people in the depot and the chance of having forgein objects or chemicals come in contact with your eyes, there are eye wash stations such as this around the depot at various places.



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3 responses to “Being creative at work (again)

  1. Awesome reflected train photos :)

  2. Erk

    Thanks, Shawno & Jen. I’ll have a chance to get some more shots like this next week.

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