Erk Pod Round Table 7 debrief

Erk Pod Round Table 7 was recorded last weekend at the Erk Pod Studio. For the first time, it was recorded on a Sunday (Sydney time) which meant that for our panelists and guests in the US, the show was recorded on a Saturday night. Previously, Round Tables were recorded on Saturday (Sydney time) which meant that for the Americans, it would have been Friday night. In the planning for RT7, Drue and I had a discussion and thought that we would try Sunday. Overall, I think that the Sunday episode worked very well both for us in the studio and for our panelists and listeners in the US. From now on, I think we will aim for the last Sunday of the month where possible but that may change due to both Erk & Drue’s work committments.

The Round Table started with an interview with authors & podcasters Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine promoting their new books. We were spanning 3 countries (Australia, New Zealand & America) and the associated time zone issues. Tee & Pip had just finished recording another interview and thought they had some time to spare before coming on Erk Pod but this was not the case. However, they both came through and the interview lasted for 90 minutes. At the time of organising the interview, I had given Tee and Pip an open invitiation to continue on the Round Table as long as they wanted to and they continued on for another 30 minutes, bringing their total time on Erk Pod for 2 hours. The interview was great, thank you Tee & Pip. Pip is also our first Kiwi on Erk Pod. Good luck with the books, guys. And we may have found another couple of extra voices for your future podcast fiction!

At this point, I should also thank Stephen from the Tea & Chat podcast whose interview gave me the idea and the inspiration to approach Tee for an interview. Stephen’s podcast is new (he has just recorded episode 13) but already he has had some big names in the podosphere on his show which is based in Ireland. Another accent for Erk Pod to feature, perhaps? And despite the start time of the interview and Round Table being at 2am his time, Stephen listened and contributed and gave feedback about us here at Erk Pod which is quite good as well.

Once again Erk & Drue were joined by Orange Tim who is really becoming known as the professional podcast guest. Already this week he has appeared on Erk Pod, picked up mentions on the MedicCast & Wasting Time podcasts and has an appearance planned on Hyper Nonsense later in the week. Who needs to host a podcast when you can be guests on other people’s? We also signed Tim up for Twitter live on air but unlike when we did the same for Leigh the Voice Over Guy on Round Table 6, Tim has been setting Twitter on fire.

Richard (host of the Wasting Time podcast) appeared again and while he missed the start of the interview, he made another quality appearance here on the Round Table. Unknown to us at the time, the computer stopped recording towards the end of the episode. My plan B was to use the audio from the uStream feed but that for some reason was unusable. Richard records all of his appearances on Erk Pod anyway so thankfully for us, Richard supplied the audio for the end of the show. Thanks once again, Richard.

This Round Table also saw the debut of another panelist, Catherine. I’ve been helping Catherine with her new podcast Geek Girls Blog podcast after meeting her at a Twitter related social networking function. It’s always great to have new voices on Erk Pod as well as another female voice. Indeed we had two female voices on Erk Pod on this Round Table.

Interestingly because of the interview & the discussion topics afterwards, our usual news stories took a back seat and we went back to what the Round Tables were originally about. Drue & I both enjoyed this Round Table greatly, partly because of the format, partly because of the interview and partly because of the Sunday.

Also, the Round Table saw the debut of our newsreader Bunny that we eventually got to work with Drue’s wi-fi and we eventually named. Apart from almost sending Tim deaf (we’ll work on the levels for the next episode), the Bunny came through. We will continue to feature the Bunny and I hope to get our Bunny together with Shawno & Jen’s Bunny – now that will be interesting.

Thank you to everyone who appeared on the Round Table and thank you also to everyone who listened/watched live on uStream. For some reason I was unable to embed the video into the page on the front page of the site and I might need to look at an alternative to uStream prior to the next Round Table.

The August Round Table will be held once again towards the end of the month, possibly around Erk’s birthday. That will be special……..



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3 responses to “Erk Pod Round Table 7 debrief

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  2. Yeah, Bunny had a great big loud voice in the Round Table. Nearly made me deaf, as well, just listening to the show! But, I’m certain that the volume is easy to fix for next time.

    Kinda bummed I missed out on Round Table this time, but, hopefully there will be more chances to be on it ;)

  3. Erk

    Jen, yourself and Shawno are always welcome. As we said on the Round Table, we will try to make them Saturday night your time as I think that will be easier.

    Funny thing with Bunny is that I had no idea how she’d sound hooked up to the mixer. Cranked all the way to the right isn’t the way to go, as Tim discovered! ;)

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