Erk Pod Round Table 7 – Double Trouble. Show Notes









Interview with Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine – 90 minutes

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At the commencement of Erk Pod Round Table 7, co-host Drue, professional podcast guest Orange Tim and I were joined by authors and podcasters Tee Morris & Philippa Ballantine as a part of the Double Trouble promotion to promote their new books The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant (Tee) and Digital Magic (Pip) and to talk podcasting, podcasting books, writing and more. This interview opened the Round Table and was streamed live from this site and on uStream from 11am on Sunday 27 July (Sydney time, GMT +10). This was  followed by the usual fun & entertainment that is Erk Pod Round Table where we look at Australian life, the (often wacky) news and a lot more, some of which Tee & Pip joined us for. This was going to be without doubt the biggest and best Erk Pod Round Table ever!

Originally, Tee and Pip were going to release their books separately on August 8, 2008. Since finding out that co-incidence, both authors got together and decided to mutually promote each other’s book release under the “Double Trouble” brand. The aim of the promotion is to send both books to the top of the Amazon book charts on the 08/08/08 when they are released. No one can possibly get that date confused! However due to time zones, the best time to start to buy both books on Amazon will be 8am Pacific time on Friday 08/08/08 (1am Sydney time, Saturday 09 August.)

Prior to launch, both authors are using their respective podcasts, audiences and social networks to promote both books. In addition, they are appearing on other podcasts (such as Erk Pod) which is great as well. Indeed, Erk Pod will be the 14th podcast to feature in this Double Trouble promotion.

In case you are unaware of a podcast novel, it isn’t simply a case of the author turning up to a recording booth, opening the book to page 1, hitting record and simply reading “It was the best of days, it was the worst of days”. Instead, most podcast authors put a lot of time and effort into their recording to make the book come alive complete with character voices, special effects and more. Usually, each chapter is released as a separate podcast episode on a weekly basis until the entire book is completed although this may vary between authors. Usually, these podcast episodes are free and the authors hope that by listening to the podcast version, you will go out and buy a book or two. As an example of the production values, there are a couple of promos played during the interview.

Tee is based in America has written several award winning novels, hosts The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast and also produces podcast versions of his novels. In fact, Tee was the first person to produce a complete podcast version of a novel. Long time Erk Pod listeners would know that the book that Tee co-wrote (with Evo Terra) “Podcasting for Dummies” and the companion podcast greatly inspired me and helped me greatly to improve Erk Pod.

Pip has also written award nominated novels and has more recently also moved into the area of podcasting her novels as well as appearing as voice talent in some of Tee’s work. I found Pip’s podcast Whispers At the Edge as a result of listening to The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy. Based in New Zealand, Pip hasn’t let the fact of living in a relatively small island in the middle of the ocean stop her from writing and promoting her work in the American market. In addition to this, Pip was our first guest from New Zealand ever to appear on Erk Pod.

In this interview:

  • Introduction
  • Has Tee tried Vegemite?
  • Erk’s Double Trouble analogy
  • How did the Double Trouble promotion start?
  • Pip & Tee give a summary of their new novels
  • Are the novels going to be podcasted?
  • Real jobs and full time podcasting/writing
  • Another promo for Erk to make
  • Planned sequels?
  • Baseball and possible international incidents
  • Coming up with ideas as a writer when you aren’t actually writing
  • Promo: Morevi Remastered
  • What is podcast fiction and how long does it take?
  • Shout out to Stephen from the Tea & Chat podcast whose interview with Tee and Pip led to this interview
  • The Haka and The All Blacks. Pip goes deaf.
  • Promo: Whispers at the Edge
  • Recording lines for podcast novels
  • Guest voices for podcast novels
  • Tim offers his vocal talents for podcast novels
  • Promo: The Levers of Katoomba
  • Erk offers Leigh the Voice Over Guy’s vocal talents as well
  • How has social networking helped writers?
  • Podcasting: The Crack of a New Generation
  • Shout out to the uStream chatters
  • How old is your Navy?
  • The Americas Cup & Rugby rivalry
  • Fosters, Canadia, Poms and more
  • The origins of “The Sarge”  & The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
  • Tourism advertisements
  • Exchange rates, air travel & drinking for your country
  • Signed books?
  • Visiting Australia, commuting between the US & NZ
  • Outro
  • Music: “Ironman” by Ammp (NZ) courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network
  • Follow us on Twitter: Erk (@erkpod), Drue (@druey), Tim (@orangetim), Tee (@TeeMonster) & Pip (@PhilippaJane)




Erk Pod Round Table 7 part 2 (episode 126) – 84 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim (studio), Pip, Richard, Tee

In this episode:

  • Introduction and welcome back
  • Thank you to Pip and Tee for hanging out and taking part in the episode even though the interview was over
  • Welcome back, Drue. Where has Drue been?
  • Drue’s de-activated his Facebook account but isn’t missing it (so far)
  • What’s happening in the world of Tim?
  • Signing up Tim for Twitter live on air. Follow Tim (@orangetim)
  • Erk’s feeling a bit crook
  • This Round Table is on a Sunday (Erk Pod time) instead of the normal Saturday. This works out to be better for our American guests and listeners as it is on Saturday night this time rather than the normal Friday night.
  • Shawno & Jen from the Hyper Nonsense podcast aren’t here on the Round Table because they are at a Stone Temple Pilots concert.
  • Roll call of everyone’s Twitter ID’s
  • Tee’s helpful suggestions for Twitter clients (Twitterifc & Twhirl) and that user names are case sensitive.
  • Erk needs to re-read chapter 1 of Tee’s book “Podcasting For Dummies” entitled “How to Talk”. DISCLAIMER: Chapter 1 of Podcasting for Dummies isn’t really entitled “How to Talk” but it sounds good and is referenced several times during the Round Table.
  • Richard’s had computer issues again and is using his Linux box.
  • iPhone and Apple talk from Australia, New Zealand & the US
  • Why Tee doesn’t want an iPhone
  • Zune & Microsoft talk
  • Batman: Dark Knight talk. Erk asks the question “Does Heath Ledger deserve an award purely on his acting ability in the movie or will he get a sympathy nomination/award?”
  • Farewell to Tee & Pip. Good luck with the launch of your books, guys!
  • Kiwi accents in Chicago
  • World Catholic Youth Month summary with stats compiled by Orange Tim from various online sources.
  • Meat pies and lamingtons
  • Educate Richard > lamingtons
  • Last weekend was the end of World Catholic Youth Month and this weekend is Sexpo
  • Welcome to our Bunny. Bunny works now with Drue’s wifi and Bunny now has a name. We chuck up quite a few ideas before deciding on _____________________ (you’ll have to listen!)
  • Crap names
  • A New Zealand judge disallows the naming of two children Fish & Chips.
  • Opening the phone lines
  • Music: “Go” by New Zealand band Ammp courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.
  • Promo: Double Trouble 08.08.08
  • Follow us on Twitter: Erk (@erkpod), Drue (@druey), Tim (@orangetim), Richard (@rgspro), Tee (@TeeMonster) & Pip (@PhilippaJane)




Erk Pod Round Table 7 part 3 (episode 127) – 97 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim (studio), Richard, Catherine

In this episode:

  • Haven’t we heard the opening promo before wonders Drue and Tim. It’s the theme music of the Round Table, boys!
  • Welcome back!
  • The phone lines are now open (FAIL!)
  • Welcome Catherine who is making her Erk Pod Round Table debut. Catherine runs her own IT company Cybner & is a Microsoft certified trainer. She has also started her own podcast focused on women in the IT industry called “The Geek Girls Blog podcast” and Erk has been helping Catherine out with that. A lot of the early part of this episode deals with questions and answers about women in IT and women in the workplace.
  • Meeting people (including Catherine) via Social Networking, Twitter and Twitter related groups such as STUB (Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade). That was an experience in itself for Erk as a lot of people who are STUB members are in the IT industry and here is Erk, the podcasting train driver (or a train driver who podcasts). Follow Catherine (@ceinber) and STUB (@STUB) on Twitter.
  • There was actually some comments from various people on Erk’s Twitter list in relation to the episode. Erk also noticed a lot more spam Twitter follows during the show. Anyone who was obviously not a spammer was followed back.
  • The cost of university education
  • Bringing back some IT memories for Drue
  • Wage parity between occupations
  • Shout out to Nathan, Jodie, Alexis & Skye
  • Bunny Tai Chi
  • Weather report from Nathan
  • Drue has a new battery for his laptop so it is all good now. The battery can last for 3 hours!
  • Man claims 18cm knife in his Subway sandwich
  • Subway is closing thanks to Drue! :P
  • We need a believability scale for stories ranging from “Totally Believable” through to “Ah crap!” with Richard’s voice all the way to “Shenanigans”
  • Sacked female teacher update
  • Bunny sends Tim deaf at the top of the hour
  • Imagine Bunny giving the time for our different time zones
  • Does Richard like Saturday night Round Tables (his time)?
  • Erk made it to Plan F before being able to lock today in
  • 2 drink driving stories including a man who only drinks Melbourne Bitter and a woman who high scored at 0.462 (allegedly) after she crashed her car.
  • Should there be a new category or two for extremely high range drink driving?
  • Bye, Catherine!
  • How is Orange Tim the Professional Podcast Guest going to get onto Catherine’s podcast?
  • Drunk rides horse in heavy traffic.
  • At this point (not that we knew it at the time) the computer stopped recording. The uStream audio was unusable so Richard came to the rescue (again) so the audio for the rest of the episode is from Richard’s end (including some delay issues thanks to Skype).
  • Alcohol limits at various work places
  • Stories we rejected
  • Dad tries to rob her daughter’s pizza shop
  • Music: Nights Unbroken by Ammp from the Podsafe Music Network
  • Outro
  • Promo: The promo that should be Tim’s podcast novel audition
  • Goodnight, interweb!
  • Follow us on Twitter: Erk (@erkpod), Drue (@druey), Tim (@orangetim), Richard (@rgspro), Catherine (@ceibner)

News stories found by Erk, Drue, Orange Tim & Nathan. News articles from News Limited



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4 responses to “Erk Pod Round Table 7 – Double Trouble. Show Notes

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  3. Just finished listening.
    Yay! Bunny has a name :) Expect some odd little messages from Vanya, at random times.

    I really enjoyed the part with Pip and Tee, talking about the 8/8/08 event, and podcast books, and writing in general. As a fellow writer, I’m always interested in hearing new ideas concerning marketing of books.

    I love how with Round Table, you never know what will happen! Always entertaining.

  4. Erk

    Thanks, Jen ;)

    When you get your book done, you’ll have to let us know! And of course I’m always eager to hear about your book shop adventures.

    You really need to get subscribed to The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy which is on the Tee Network at

    You will find a lot of handy hints in promotion and also writing and a lot of them aren’t specific to fantasy writing. And also, Tee is putting out his earlier episodes back in the feed (dating from 2005) as Reboot Camp episodes so you can catch up.

    And yes, I did get a couple of messages from Vanya that I’ll play on the next studio episode.

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